Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

10/1/2014: Want a short read for Halloween? The Black Bag is on-sale for the WHOLE MONTH of October! I’ve added a tab to my Facebook page that allows readers to sign-up to follow the blog by email. Remember,

9/30/2014: New blog post: Tech for Writers: 7 Thoughts about Web Presence. I’ve also added a tab to my Facebook page that allows readers to sign-up to follow the blog by email. Remember, The Black Bag will go on-sale tomorrow for the WHOLE MONTH!

9/29/2014: New blog post: Tech Tips for Writers – Scrivener. I’ve also added a tab to my Facebook page today that allows readers to sign-up to follow the blog by email. You can see it here. Remember, The Black Bag will go on-sale in 2 days for the WHOLE MONTH!

9/26/2014: New blog post: 4 Free Photo Sites – More Tips for the Fund Challenged Writer. Remember, The Black Bag goes on-sale for the entire month of October!

9/13/2014: I’m currently working on blog posts for next week. I’m also working on some editing and hope to begin submissions of a short story this week. I’m making progress with The Bow of Destiny and even began discussion with an artist for cover illustration. I’m planning a month-long special for “The Black Bag” during October. Check back for further project developments and new posts or sign-up for notifications via email. Jump aboard and follow my writing journey!

9/12/2014: I’m hosting Tamie Dearen’s Blog Tour for “Best Laid Plans” today via Rave Reviews Book Club so check the blog page!!! 

The Bow of Destiny IndieGoGo Campaign News:

THE BOW OF DESTINY CAMPAIGN  HAS ENDED! Thanks to all the supporters. I am currently working to get the book to my editor as well as commission artwork.

9/8: Part 6 of the serialized blog prequel entitled “What is Needed” is posted. I hope to further develop this into a novella in the coming months.


 Here is the excerpt for the Campaign: Bow of Destiny Excerpt

Like me on Facebook and view/share the posted campaign event.

Follow me on Twitter (@ph_Solomon) to receive news and help spread the word by using #BowofDestiny when referencing my IndieGoGo updates.

The final Book Trailer has been posted this morning and the previous link broken. The IndieGoGo link is still pending until later today. Please consider supporting this campaign when it launches.



The Black Bag is now available on Goodreads and iBooks. See the details on my Store page for links

 The Black Bag News: See the store post for links to major ebook vendors and posted reviews – ALL 5 STARS SO FAR!!!

PHS – 6/26/2014

The Black Bag Published
The Black Bag is out – see details on the blog page!

PHS – 6/24/2014

New Blog Posted
Read 4 Reasons Why I’m Self-Publishing a Short Story
BTW, The Black Bag is targeted to be out tomorrow but I will post an announcement blog confirming this tomorrow.

PHS 6/24/2014

Crowdfunding & More:
I’m working on my crowdfunding campaign so a pre-launch page will be announced this week. I’m also working on a low-end book description/trailer for the campaign which I will post on this site and Facebook for input.

Target date for release of The Black Bag as an ebook will be 6/24.

PHS 6/22/2014

Publishing News!
I am working on self-publishing my award winning short story, The Black Bag, as a small ebook. The cover is almost finished. See my latest blog for more details and come back soon for further announcements about it and my crowdfunding campaign for The Bow of Destiny.

PHS – 6/17/2014

Crowdunding Update for The Bow of Destiny
I just published a new post updating my progress and plans for crowdfunding this project.

PHS – 6/16/2014

Submission News
Three fantasy poems submitted today.

PHS – 6/15/2014

WIP Announcement on the blog post today!
I’m on an editing schedule and planning my crowdfunding campaign.

PHS – 6/13/2014

New Blog: Find the Mole
Just posted this blog this afternoon – take a look and join my email list.

PHS 6/11/2014

Latest Post

I have a new post about one thing I learned over the weekend at a writer’s conference. Click over to the blog page and check it out. Please take time to comment and follow through email.

I’m also working on something several announcements that should be post over the next few weeks so check back often.

PHS 6/9/2014

New Post

Why do I journal? Read about it in my latest post.

PHS 6/7/2014

Need to finish?

Set goals. Read about it in my latest post.

PHS 6/5/2014

Reading from Yesterday & Today

I’ve posted my recent reading for the last 2 days. I’ll have a new post tomorrow.

PHS – 6/4/2014

Weathering A Storm?
I just posted a new blog about perspective in challenging events.
Expect another blog tomorrow and Thursday.
Also, I’m researching use of pictures in the blog posts but themes for the site must wait until I have some cover design to use.

PHS – 6/3/2014

What I’m Reading Today

A new blog post sharing a few links to what I’m reading today. I’ll update with my comments where I’m interested. Also posting comments at these post where interested.

PHS – 6/2/2014

Sidebar Updates
You can use links on my sidebar to follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Also take time to subscripe to follow the blog by email.

PHS – 6/2/2014

Blog News
A new blog post went up yesterday.
Look for a new post next Tuesday.

PHS – 5/31/2014

This Week’s Blog Posts
The Tuesday Post went out on 5/27. Expect a new one tomorrow (5/30).

PHS – 5/29/2014

Novel-length WIPs
My novels in various stages of development are posted on the WIP page.

PHS – 5/23/2014

Blog News
Check out my new post today on the blog page. At this point I will try to publish posts on Tuesdays and Fridays.

PHS – 5/23/2014

Site Changes

I’ve made some design changes to the site with a new theme which better suits my needs. I’ve also added a my short bio on the About page. Look for more changes soon!

PHS – 5/21/2014


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