Find the Mole

John Le Carre wrote the espionage classic, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy in the seventies. The book was based on a real mole in British Intelligence named Kim Philby who operated for the Russians for decades. In a forward to the book, Le Carre equated the devastating effects to the agency as being turned inside-out. The fiction brilliantly depicts how the Russians feed certain information to the British which manipulates them into a string of intelligence failures. The main character, George Smiley, comes out of the retirement to which he’s been dismissed after the last major embarrassment to find the mole. I loved the book and the movie.


There were signs portrayed in the book that all along something was wrong on the inside. Odd decisions were made. Personnel in the know were pushed aside. Information that was too good to be true was taken as gospel truth. Failures mounted.

Do You Have a Mole?

Do you have trouble getting any writing done? Are you sporadic in your activities? Spending too much time watching TV? Too much time on Twitter, Facebook or other social media?

If so you may have an inner mole, something that’s undermining your efforts. Your creativity is stifled at best, wearing concrete shoes at worst. You need to hunt down your inner-mole. But how?


1. I’ve written about Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way previously but I’ll push it again. The book teaches how to recover and cultivate creativity. Get a copy and read it.

2. Here are 4 Reasons Why I Journal. Perhaps they will help you break loose from unmotivated ways, prime your creativity and springboard into productivity.

3. Set goals and work to meet them. Here are my 8 tips for setting goals. Why not try them out?

4. Schedule your time wisely and say no to all the things that draw your attention from your creativity.

Don’t Be…

Let me put it this way:
When you have an inner-mole you do nothing creative.
When you do nothing creative you waste your life.
When you waste your life you feel depressed.
When you feel depressed you sit around doing nothing.
When you sit around doing nothing you die.
When you die they eventually find your skeleton in the chair.
Don’t be the skeleton in the chair.

Find your inner-mole.

How do your avoid writing (we all do it)? What actions do you take to overcome your inner-mole? Please leave comments and certainly follow this blog by email. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @ph_solomon or on Facebook.

Thanks for reading,


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