4 Reasons Why I Am Publishing a Short Ebook

With the release of The Black Bag now I wanted to share why I choose this timing. This story has bee published in other venues over the last few years and serves as a resource for my author platform so here are four reasons why I chose to publish it now.

Black Bag Cover

1. For the experience – I wanted to learn more about actually self-publishing and what better way than to format the text and create my own cover. I used Mark Coker’s Style Guide in working through this small project and found it very helpful in understanding all that goes into finishing a product for release.
2. For the exposure – as an author there are several ways I gain exposure. The first is by beginning to identify my platform with a product. Next a title available during crowdfunding is helpful as a finished product to offer in a reward package and a tangible example of my writing for prospective supporters . Lastly, having a product available is great for extending the reach of my platform during pre-marketing The Bow of Destiny which can be shared on social media, especially Pinterest where a visual representation can be displayed.
3. For promotional value – As I note above, this short story can be packaged a reward in crowdfunding. Also the ebook can be used as a giveaway during pre-release orders and early after the release of The Bow of Destiny.
4. Finally, it serves as a small income stream when not being used for promotional purposes.

Look for my release announcement on 6/24/2014.

Have you self-published a short story? If so, share your reasons for doing so instead of submitting it. As always, you are welcome to leave comments and follow by email, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Thanks for reading,

P. H. Solomon

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