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Applying Information Theory to RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB’s Phenomenal Success (And Why You Should Join!)


A well-written blog sharing experiences with Rave Reviews Book Club & its support of authors. Re-blogging on Archer’s Aim!

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By Danica Cornell

The early part of the 21st century has been hailed as the Information Age—and with good reason.  The advent of high speed Internet access has enabled us to live in a time when information, learning, and the acquisition of new skills are readily available to billions worldwide.  And with so many tapping into this wellspring of data and knowledge, it’s not an overstatement to say this disruptive technology has had transformative socioeconomic impacts globally—the likes of which haven’t been seen since the industrial revolution.

As a science fiction writer, UFO researcher, futurist, and nanotechnology business owner, I end up spending a considerable amount of time on the Internet.  I’m talking, a lot.  So it’s not surprising it was through some research I conducted a few months ago, that I was able to make the connection between information theory and RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB (RRBC). 


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The Bow of Destiny Cover Reveal

Photo used in The Bow of Destiny book trailer

Photo used in The Bow of Destiny book trailer

I finished a crowdfunding campaign in September which was intended to complete my first novel entitled, The Bow of Destiny. Here’s the sample trailer I used for campaign.

As you can see, the artwork conveys a message but as stated in my campaign I needed high-quality cover-art for the book. This is one of my milestones for the book so I decided to use what I raised for artwork since the book won’t go to my editor until late November.

I contacted Chris Rawlins to work on my cover-art since I liked a similar piece by him entitled “Robin of Loxley”. I felt this image suited my concept very well so I teamed with Chris to develop a similar piece that fits The Bow of Destiny. Take look at some of Chris’s work which I think is fantastic. Before I post the actual cover, I’ll share an interview with the artist so look for that on November 7th.

I’ll reveal the newly designed cover on November 10th so be sure to check in on that day to see the cover. Want a sneak peek? Sign-up to receive my blog digest via email where the cover will appear early. As a bonus you can receive a free e-book copy of The Black Bag by liking my Facebook page and using the “News and Blog Signup” tab there to join my email list. By being on this list you will receive the digest of my top posts and latest updates and much more.

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

It’s exciting to finally meet this milestone and I’m happy to share it with you. Make sure to check back on Nov. 10th to see the cover where I’ll also share some details about the book and links to my prequel series – What is Needed.

I’d also love to connect with you over social media so check my contact page for that information. See the News page for announcements and remember to sign-up to receive news and posts by email. I’ve added a new sign-up tab on my FaceBook page to simplify the process. New followers can download The Black Bag via free coupon today!

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Blog Recruiting Day


Excellent comments about what Rave Reviews Book Club can do for authors. Re-blogging on Archer’s Aim.

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Let’s talk a little bit about The Rave Reviews Book Club. I posted last Spring about my idea of joining a book club. I struggled with the idea, and then they had a sale. ($$$) The rest is history.

This club allows me to post three of my books on their website. This website is becoming a beacon for readers. It’s broken down into nice neat categories for searching ease. Searching on Amazon today feels a lot like the old pick a card trick. When you pick a category, Amazon pushes the biggest selling books at you first. A lot of fine fiction goes unnoticed.

RRBC doesn’t do that. You get a cover image, a blurb, and access to honest reviews on their website. The pool is smaller too, so my books are likely to gain more attention. (Hint: search in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal. It’s all one category…

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