4 Platform Tips for the Fund Challenged Writer

ListHave you got a list of things that you need to do as a writer? Do you lack funds to acquire some or all of these needs for your writer platform. Here’s 4 tips for inexpensively improving your platform without breaking the bank.

1. Lack funds to create a website? Use a free one like WordPress.com. Want a custom domain name with your site for minimal cost? WordPress and other such hosts can help with that too. Here’s what WordPress can do!

2. Need to use email with your own domain name? Try it for minimal cost via Google Apps. Here are the instructions.

3. Have a product, announcement or other tweet you want new followers to see and retweet? Pin your tweet to the top of your feed and it will be the first post seen on your feed by visitors. Here are some visual instructions to do just that:

Go to your feed and choose something you’ve posted and click on the 3 dots for “More” and then click “Pin to your profile page”:

Twitter Pin Instrusctions 1

Here’s what currently stays at the top of me feed:

Twitter Pin Instructions 2

4. Want to add pictures to your blog posts but lack funds? If you have Microsoft Office installed you can use Click Art from Office. Verify that the Click Art is from Microsoft by either hovering over the image or right clicking on the image and choosing properties to see the originator. To access this library from Office 2010 click on the Insert tab and then on the Click Art button:

Office Click Art Instructions

In fact, the picture at the top of this post is from Click Art. Read the terms of service for Click Art and understand how you may use it. If you need to use royalty free pictures for re-sale that’s another issue altogether so know what your are doing with pictures. For a great discussion of Microsoft’s Clip Art usage click here.

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Deep POV Tips Pt. 5: Eliminate Narrative Distance

Editing for Deep POV

Editing for Deep POV

This writing tips series began after I attended a webinar in late July the subject of which was deep third person POV . Part 1 , Part 2Part 3 & Part 4 of this series are available if you want to catch-up on the topic. As promised, here are more tips gleaned from the presentation that you may find helpful as I know they will be for me.

One characteristic of deep POV is the elimination of narrative distance. What does this mean? Simply put, the reader lives with the POV character as the events happen instead of being informed or directed by a narrator. In other words, instead of using a narrative voice with tags that cue the reader on activity and dialogue by the main POVC, the deep POV style lets the reader experience the action with the main POVC.  For example:

Narratvie usage: When the door opened, Martha turned with surprise and said, “Who’s there?”

Deep POV: The door banged open. Martha whirled. “Who’s there?”

Notice the difference? There’s not a tag for Martha’s question. Also the action is ongoing in the second example which is accomplished by the verb usage and dropping unnecessary conditions and descriptions. In so doing, the narrative excess is removed along with the telling and passivity.

In my next post, I’ll focus on another characteristic of deep POV and how it is applied.

Want more pointers? Try these resources for deep POV:

Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Writer’s Guide to Emotion: Fiction Writing Tools by Sherry Soule

Check out Janice Hardy’s Fiction University.

Do you use deep POV? Why or why not? How do you utilize these and other aspects of this technique. I love receiving comments so feel free to leave one via the form. Also, you can receive notifications about this blog by email and even receive coupon to download my award-winning short story for free. Sign-up and download today!

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

P. H. Solomon

Day 136! ………………How Did We Get Here? (87)


While my blog focuses on writing, my subject pales in comparison to this issue. We all need to keep these girls in our thoughts and hope they will be released/rescued soon. Thx to jinlobify for keeping this serious issue in the forefront through this blog!

Originally posted on jinlobify:

It was only yesterday that I was writing about how Boko Haram did not have any plans from the onset about what to do with their victories, and how their sponsors only unleashed them to disorganize and disrupt the government of President Jonathan. This notion is beginning to gain more grounds than their attempt to copy ISIS. Not only were they not supposed to do more than just performing acts of rascality, and irresponsibility, they were not even supposed to do anything close to beheading, mass killings, and wiping out of villages and towns, a reckless band of murderers and destroyers of properties.

I was reading an interview this morning between two American journalists, one on the ground in northern Nigeria, and the other somewhere out there. Not only did they report that Boko Haram is emptying towns and taking them over, but the abducted girls, who have been sighted…

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