These Two Are Deserving of So Much More #RRBC


2 Great RRBC members honored by club Pres. Nonnie Jules! Congrats Kim & Jason!!!

Originally posted on Watch Nonnie Write!:

This post is dedicated to two awesomely supportive members of the Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC)!

Twice a year, RRBC gifts one lucky person with an Amazon gift card for their recruiting efforts.  Since I won this awesome prize last December, I promised that if I won this year, I would donate my winnings (a $50 Amazon gift card), to the RRBC member of my choice.  But, the member had to be hard-working and dedicated to the club’s success as well as its members.

After careful thought and conference with my new Vice President, John Fioravanti, I decided that in the midst of all the supportive members that we have, there were two who really stood out at this time, so, I decided to split the $50 award into two $25 Amazon Gift Cards!  Now, these members weren’t expecting to win, I’m sure, and they are so…

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Blog Tour Featuring Jack Gets His Man by D. E. Haggerty

Today I’m happy to welcome D. E. Haggerty to Archer’s Aim for a blog tour stop. She’s written a mystery that I’m sure you’ll want to investigate.

The Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives Go on Tour

D.E. Haggerty

Jack Gets His Man

5 Things You Didn’t Know About D.E. Haggerty

  1. Book CoverI’m kinda, sorta afraid to fly, which is super-duper embarrassing when your husband is a pilot. It’s a control thing really. I get that the big aluminum tube is going to stay in the air, but can I really trust that pilot? I’m the same way with driving. Only when my husband is driving, or flying for that matter, can I truly relax. Unless I’m the one driving, then it’s speed demon time.
  2. I’ve spent the night in jail. And not for some stupid misunderstanding either. Nope, not I. I was in a good old-fashioned brawl and everyone involved got thrown in the slammer. My husband and his brother were angry because they only were in holding tanks while I had a huge cell with toilet and blankets all for myself. I was really, really mad at the time because I didn’t start the brawl, but in the meantime it’s become a great story to shock people with.
  3. I’m an adrenaline junkie living in a scaredy-cat’s body. This leads to really, really weird situations. I’m like “Come on! Let’s go ride that gnarly carnival ride!” And then I get on it and I scream like a cat being declawed because I’m terrified out of my mind of heights. By the way, are carnival rides like a gazillion times scarier than when we were kids?
  4. I like dogs more than people. Dogs are loyal, sweet and always happy to see you when you get home. My dog seems to know when I’m feeling down and need a cuddle as well. Of course, he won’t let me cuddle him normally because he thinks he’s a tough, independent dog. He weighs like 20 pounds so I have no idea where he got that idea from.
  5. I have no talent for drawing. My hubby does all my book covers and when I explain a book cover idea to him, I have to use stick figures and shapes and even those are difficult to decipher. It’s embarrassing but somehow my husband normally figures out what I mean.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Jack Harris, protagonist of Jack Gets His Man

  1. I think skinny jeans for men is the best invention ever. I don’t care if they go out of style, I will be wearing them until I die or my butt is no longer fabulous, whichever comes first.
  2. Turning 40 scares the living daylights out of me. Is my eyesight going to go now? I can’t wear glasses. I would look hideous in glasses. Will I start to go bald now? My bald head is not hot.
  3. I’m worried that now that Izzy has her own family, she’s going to abandon me. It sounds silly but she’s basically all I’ve got. I’m holding on with all I’ve got though. I’m going to wrap Noel, Izzy’s husband, around my little finger if that’s what it takes.
  4. I would kill for the Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives. Seriously, shoot someone dead. Guns don’t smell or get you dirty, do they?
  5. I know I say I’m disgusted by walking in on Noel and Izzy getting it on on numerous occasions, but actually it’s pretty hot. I just wish it wasn’t Izzy. Otherwise I’d be watching me some live porn on a weekly basis.

Author Bio:

I was born and raised in Wisconsin, but think I’m a European. After spending my senior year of high school in Germany, I developed a bad case of wanderlust that is yet to be cured. My flying Dutch husband and I have lived in Ohio, Virginia, the Netherlands, Germany and now Istanbul. We still haven’t decided if we want to settle down somewhere – let alone where. I’m leaning towards somewhere I can learn to surf even though the hubby thinks that’s a less than sound way to decide where to live. Although I’ve been a military policewoman, a commercial lawyer, and a B&B owner, I think with writing I may have finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up. That’s assuming I ever grow up, of course. Between tennis, running, traveling, singing off tune, drinking entirely too many adult beverages, and reading books like they are going out of style, I write articles for a local expat magazine and various websites, review other indie authors’ books, write a blog about whatever comes to mind and am working on my sixth book.

Purchase links:

Author PhotoAmazon: http://www.amazon.com/Jack-Gets-His-Man-Gray-Haired-ebook/dp/B00YBZITC6/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1433146630&sr=8-4&keywords=D.E.+Haggerty

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25552260-jack-gets-his-man

Author links:

Website: http://www.dehaggerty.com

Blog: http://www.dehaggerty.com/mymusings

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dehaggerty

Twitter: https://twitter.com/denaehaggerty

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+DEHaggerty/posts

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/denahaggerty/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7210211.D_E_Haggerty

Book blurb:

Jack’s life is awesome. His store is making money hand over fist and his best friend has found love. So what if he’s feeling a bit restless and put out about his upcoming birthday and his ex is being a pain in his fabulous behind? That’s nothing he can’t handle. But then his smoking hot new bookkeeper discovers things at the store aren’t actually as they seem. Someone is playing fast and loose with the finances. Jack’s bestie and his gal pals, the gray-haired knitting detectives, jump at the chance to solve Jack’s problems. When they aren’t re-enacting scenes from spy thrillers, they’re setting Jack up on dates and generally insinuating themselves into his love life. They’re determined to find love for Jack as well as his missing money. Will Jack catch a thief or find love? Either way Jack’s going to get his man.

Goodreads Event Pagehttps://www.goodreads.com/event/show/966357-the-gray-haired-knitting-detectives-go-on-tour

Rafflecopter Giveaway Pagehttp://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/4af5be7f22/?

Author Event Chat Roomhttp://4wills-haggerty.chatovod.com/

Big round of applause for D. E. Haggerty and her new book. Please support this indie author. Kudos to 4WillsPublishing for organizing this tour for the book and author.

This tour sponsored by 4WillsPublishing.wordpress.com


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Establishing Your Online Writing Presence


Great tips and thoughts – reblogging on Archer’s Aim!

Originally posted on FastPencil.com Self-Publishing Blog:

Guest Post from our Partners in Screenplay Adaptations, Voyage Media

How to Untangle the Web

“Googling yourself” has sort of become the punchline of the digital era—it’s degraded as a vain and silly pastime of the erstwhile millennial. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Far from just an ego trip, Googling yourself can be crucial to building your online presence as a writer.

I’d like to encourage you to Google yourself right now. Take a moment, I’ll wait. What are some of the first pages that pop up. Your social media sites—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your personal blog? Or is Google drawing a big blank?

There is a time and a place for the reclusive, mysterious, off-the-grid writer—but falling into that description can be dangerous for the up and coming. The Internet makes it easier than ever for producers, directors, and financiers to find out what you’re all about.

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