One of THOSE Days

So I’m working away today fighting off the blues about some things that creep up on everyone from time to time. Nothing big, nothing new, just sad. Then BAM – I notice a mistake that I overlooked days ago. The saying, “If it was a snake it would’ve bit me.” applies. I corrected it but that only made the day worse. I was almost ready to phone it in and then I got a huge laugh from someone on Twitter and got some wind back in my sales a little.

Hopefully this “one of THOSE days” will float away and I will be productive the rest of the day. There’s a lot of editing to complete and messages in need of response.

I’ll just keep my head up and do what I can with what I have today! CHEERS!!!

Thanks for reading!


Book reviews: 7 hints for the negative review


Great hints to have for reviewing. I know I’ve been asked to review books and these help me.

Originally posted on Gia Scott:

Yeah, I’m a writer.  But just like everyone else, I’m a reader.  I also review the things I have written and sometimes, my review doesn’t agree with the others.

What then?

I review it honestly, and I hope others do as well.

Face it, some books have obviously fake glowing reviews–we’ve all seen them.  After a while, we also get pretty good at spotting them. That’s not the kind of review that anyone wants to agree with, but it’s also not exactly what I’m talking about either.

I’m talking about some obscure (to you) writer who has received glowing reviews about their novel and how innovative, subtle, unique, ground breaking, etc. it is.  Sometimes, all of these positive reviews set us up for disappointment, because when we read the book itself, it turns out to be so obscure, odd, and hard to get into that we never do get the…

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