The Worst Advice On Prologues


Sage advice regarding prologues. I’ve never thought the prologue was the author’s best writing but only something that primes the pump. Most prologues can be integrated into the story piecemeal.

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Some people love them. Some people hate prologues. Some skip them. Agents don’t like them, apparently.

Personally, I don’t like prologues that have only tangential relevance to the story, and I don’t like infodumps. Some people love a good six page history lesson. Some people might love tangential prologues too, though I have never come across anyone who publicly stated it.

If a prologue is interesting and relevant, I have absolutely no problem with it. I have even written one or two.

This post is not really about the virtue of prologues. It is about the lack of virtue of a certain piece of advice related to them. It runs something like this:

A writer walks into a bar and says to the barman, “I want to keep my book’s prologue but, if I do, my book will never get an agent. Prologues have gone out of fashion like the letter thorn.”

The barman scratches his head…

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Defeating Writer’s Block


Some thoughts on writer’s block from Ryan Lanz on his blog, A Writer’s Path. I’ve held similar views to these but haven’t had time to write about them yet. Well done, Ryan!

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For some, writer’s block is a very real and forbidding thing. I personally know authors who treat this as a superstition that no amount of garlic and rabbit feet will save them from.

There are countless blog posts on how to beat writer’s block–and yes, we’ll go over that too–although I want to also look at why a writer might encounter a writing block. Perhaps it’s not for the reasons you think, and it could be indicative of deeper issues. Let’s begin.

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One of THOSE Days

So I’m working away today fighting off the blues about some things that creep up on everyone from time to time. Nothing big, nothing new, just sad. Then BAM – I notice a mistake that I overlooked days ago. The saying, “If it was a snake it would’ve bit me.” applies. I corrected it but that only made the day worse. I was almost ready to phone it in and then I got a huge laugh from someone on Twitter and got some wind back in my sales a little.

Hopefully this “one of THOSE days” will float away and I will be productive the rest of the day. There’s a lot of editing to complete and messages in need of response.

I’ll just keep my head up and do what I can with what I have today! CHEERS!!!

Thanks for reading!