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Deep POV Tips Part 2

A few weeks ago I attended a webinar the subject of which was deep third person POV and wrote Part 1 of this series shortly after that time. As promised, here are more tips gleaned from the presentation that you may find helpful you as I know they will for me.

Editing for Deep POV

Editing for Deep POV

The effects of deep POV

  • The reader is inside the POV character’s mind which keeps the reader part of the action as opposed to being an outside observer.
  • Show vs. tell problems are eliminated by deep POV so the reader is closer to the action as a result.
  • Most writers have trouble with passive voice seeping into their writing. With deep POV this passivity is also eliminated in favor of the POV character’s ongoing action.
  • With deep POV the author’s voice intrudes far less and as a consequence brings the reader closer to the character so that they are fascinated with the motivations of even a repugnant antagonist.
  • Deep POV keeps the story moving ahead by being in the present, reducing the need for flashbacks (unless the character experiences such an event from trauma) and also reveals only the details the POV character is experiencing. For instance, the POV character cannot know what events and circumstances are affecting another character unless the POVC are informed in some way.
  • This make the writing tighter so the reader’s attention is more strongly fixed  and energized so the reader’s focus wants to find out what happens next and turns pages.

That’s all I have for today. I’ll write more about what I’m learning concerning this writing technique in upcoming posts. Looking for more resources on the subject? Here are some related links you may find interesting:

The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Akerman.

Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Writer’s Guide to Emotion: Fiction Writing Tools by Sherry Soule

Looking for more articles on POV? Check out Janice Hardy’s Fiction University.

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Spotlight Blog Tour: The Traveller by Garrett Addison

Today I welcome Garrett Addison, author of The Traveller, as host to the Rave Review Book Club Spotlight Blog Tour. Garrett has received great support in the spotlight so check out the club and see what they can do for you and tell them I sent you. With that note, take it away, Garrett!

A main character to love hate.

As an Indie author I figure there’s almost an expectation that I’ll be brave enough to try something different in my writing.  Perhaps I’ve got it wrong, sure, but I’m inclined to think that you’re way more likely to discover something different with the works of Indie authors than those of traditionally published authors.  That said, regardless of whether the writing is ‘different’, it still needs to ‘work’.

Book CoverExpectations aside, I really wanted to try something when I wrote ‘The Traveller’.  It occurred to me that the exploits of my nice guy family man taking a walk on the wide side wouldn’t endear him to many readers.  The obvious thing for me as the author would have been to soften his actions a little or add something else to make him more likeable.  It’s probably amongst the many must-do’s of ‘Writing 101’: your readers need to ‘love’ your characters.  Purists will argue that ‘love’ is a bit of a stretch, and it’s probably closer to ‘care’ or ‘empathise’ but anyway.

I thought about it, a lot.  Why can’t I have a really unlikeable hero? What if my ‘good guy’ was a complete bastard?  Could I make readers want to turn the page?  That was a challenge too delicious to ignore, so I got brave.  I wrote my main character to be an angry, arrogant, philandering, vengeful, self-absorbed guy, devoid of anything likeable.  He’s not really an anti-hero … he’s just a bastard.  Then I got even braver and told my story in the first person.  Readers: welcome to the world of a bastard.

Have you ever driven past a vehicle accident and you just couldn’t help yourself from looking?  That’s how I liken my un-named main character in ‘The Traveller’; he’s a veritable ‘car wreck’.  Told in the first person, it feels like a personal account and the reader has little choice but to come along for the ride inside the head of ‘The Traveller’ as he takes his walk on the dark side.   Sure I’m biased, but I feel vindicated for my little piece of literary bravery.

I’m a huge fan of Indie fiction because I like to read different kinds of books.  I don’t want to read the same stories, clichéd characters and copycat plots, and I think Indie authors are just brave enough to try something which might set their writing apart and get the world start to talk about their book.  Of course, those ‘big swings’ don’t always work … but then, Indies have nothing to lose!


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6 Reasons October Is Great For Reading

Halloween ReadingReading is a year-round activity. Here’s why October is GREAT for reading.

1. It’s Halloween season and there are plenty of seasonal books to read that are creepy, scary, mysterious and just plan good Halloween fun.

2. You’ve got time to read before November. What’s November? NaNoWriMo, so there’s less time to read if your writing. If you aren’t…

3. It’s before the busy holiday season. There are lots of events, parties, parades and travel so you have less time to read.

bulldog wearing eyeglasses sleeping over a good novel4. The change of season to cooler weather makes it an excellent time to curl up with a good book.

5. Remember all those Halloween books? They are probably on sale during the month!

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Why is October an excellent reader month for you? Are you interested in being a club member and reviewing great new books?

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