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1. Why is social media marketing important? The simple answer: it’s main street America now. People used to spend time on the street doing business and seeing all the sales ads in windows. Likewise, most people got news from a newspaper – and saw all the ads. Now they view news on the internet and see all the ads there. If you have a product then your wares need to be in a virtual storefront on Social media for virtual window shopping and advertising sales.

2. Exchanging FB pages, Twitter follows, etc. I recently read one blog that indicated requesting someone follow or like you on social media was a major mistake. While I prefer not to request interactions this way perhaps there is another viewpoint. Our social media is like exchanging business cards. We may not actively use that information but we might one day and people we know might find use in that connection too. It’s one of the reasons why business cards are exchanged - you may not need that service or product but you may know someone who does and that’s one favorable point of social media. In that light, I’m not opposed to being approached for connections at all on Facebook, etc. though I still reserve the right not to follow or like.

3 Experiment – I’ve read some people say offer a book for free to boost sales and other indicate that this is a changing tactic that no longer works. I’ve been trying a sale this week The Black Bag which will end on Sunday – it’s generated interest but not much else. The latest information released indicates that the freebie marketing effectiveness is dwindling. To me what gets people’s attention is not the saturation of freebie books that may or may not be good but word of mouth and quality. For this reason I see reviews as an important factor in sales since people trust that more than anything. Is that movie good? What did the reviewer say? Here’s some marketing tips by C. Lee McKenzie.

Your thoughts and opinions are welcome, please leave them below. Speaking of FREE, The Black Bag is available at not cost for email followers of this website. Please see my Contact page to follow me on various social media channels or click the buttons on this page. Also take a look at my Indiegogo campaign for my novel, The Bow of Destiny.

8 Crowdfunding Tips

Photo used in The Bow of Destiny book trailer

Photo used in The Bow of Destiny book trailer

The crowdfunding campaign for The Bow of Destiny began this week on Indiegogo. This led me to some tips I wanted to share since this blog is largely about my ongoing growth as an author. So here’s some of what I’ve learned so far. Please read and visit the campaign site to provide your support!

1. Make sure you are ready to receive funds.

In my case I created a new PayPal account but did not complete setting it up. Likewise, Indiegogo had requirements for campaigns that I didn’t know about. Both of these issues delayed me some and it’s possible limits what I can receive (which I am confirming and working out on both sides). Read carefully about the instructions and explore the site.

Perks2. Make affordable funding levels.

I received a lot of views and referrals the first day but no contributions. Now this may be due to some PayPal-Indiegogo issues but I added a few funding levels that are low impact on wallets which is important these days.

3. Continue growing your social media platform.

Don’t let the number of your followers become stagnant. If anything you need to be more aggressive in pursuing followers to increase your reach. Always encourage others to share your campaign with their followers too.

4. Have some automated social media messages ready.

You don’t want to be writing social media messages all the time and you need to get your message out often because on busy feeds people just miss your announcements without knowing it. Use an automation service since you may be busy with any number of inquiries, changes or problems that may arise – and you want to do something else sometimes.

Campaign5. Don’t panic if it starts slowly.

See above – there may be problems so just keep on moving in the same direction and if anything tweak your overall message, keep growing your following and keep getting the message out.

6. Keep posting updates regularly.

The more you get your message out the more likely you are to be featured. Include services like Indiegogo in your tweets and other posts because they track these types of activity in addition to your funding level. Everything helps and if your are featured that means more reach for your campaign.

7. If receiving private messages to offer resources & services check them out well.

When receiving offers of service, interviews or other offers of assistance check them out. They may be legit and they may not but some due diligence will go a long way to avoiding any trouble or overspending your budget. Make sure you know the terms of anything and don’t give out private information thinking that someone is helping when they may not be. Someone may take advantage of any initial euphoria from conributions or from desperation over no contributions. Think clearly and remember to keep going ahead.

8. Don’t hover & don’t walk away.

You cannot just stay in front of the screen watching – it will drive you crazy. You get excited and wonder what will happen or nothing happens and you watch and wait for anything. If nothing is happening don’t abandon hope, keep working, be willing to be fluid in your approach – just don’t sit watching the paint dry. Do not give up and stop all work. Stay in it to the end – bitter or sweet.

Do you have tips or comments regarding crowdfunding? Do you have questions about the subject? Please leave comments below and see my campaign and help make my project a success with your support.

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Call to Action: Support The Bow of Destiny

Haunted by his past. Hunted in the present. Uncertain what is real.

Epic Fantasy.


Picture from The Bow of Destiny project trailer.

Picture from The Bow of Destiny project trailer.


Athson the Archer has seen things that aren’t there and suffered fits since being tragically orphaned as a child at the hands of trolls and Kregen the wizard. When a strange inheritance comes into his possession he’s not quite sure it’s real. But the trolls that soon pursue him are all too real and dangerous. And when the mystic Withling, Hastra, drags him into a quest for the mysterious Bow of Hart, Athson isn’t always sure what’s real and who his enemies are. With the wizard Kregen and his master the hidden dragon, Magdronu, involved Athson must face not only frequent danger but his grasp on reality and the reasons behind his tragic past.

Please read on for details and help support this ebook project!

For an excerpt from chapter 1 please click go to and click on the excerpt link under the campaign news to view the PDF file.

What We Need & What You Get

  • Primary book needs: a final round of professional editing, cover artwork and formatting as a basic goal.
  • Secondary book needs to be addressed if surpassing funding goal: marketing (such as electronic autographs and screensaver) & website upgrades (web hosting migration costs, artwork design consistent with book cover, etc.)
  • Supporters will receive a copy of the ebook and recognition in the book as a contributor. Higher level supporters will have the opportunity to vote on which cover design to use. Please see below for the rewards levels list.
  • If the project is partially funded the money will be used for professional editing and cover artwork, followed by formatting and then secondary needs listed above depending on how much is raised.
Photo used in The Bow of Destiny book trailer

Photo used in The Bow of Destiny book trailer

The Impact

You can help bring a fantasy epic long in the making to life. I’ve worked off and on for almost thirty years on this project. I was once offered a contract for it by small publishing company but turned it down due to several vague clauses in a non-negotiable contract. The book is already written and being well received by my picky beta reader as well as having been professionally edited once already.

Also, with the changes in the publishing industry supporters now have an opportunity to become more than readers, becoming decision-makers for the industry as well. This brings readers and authors closer. One of my rewards allows some supporters to have a say in the cover decision.

Risks & Challenges

The risks are few since the book is written, is being well received by the beta reader and has been professionally edited previously.

  • I’ve already scheduled to send the manuscript to the editor in August, while I am discussing artwork with illustrators now..

Other Ways You Can Help

Are you unable to contribute or not a reader of fantasy books? That’s fine you can still help me with this project in the following ways:

  • Share this project with friends who like fantasy books
  • Follow me on my website, Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest and share my project progress with your own followers.
  • You can also share this project directly by using the Indiegogo share tools!

Let’s make The Bow of Destiny a success. I’m counting on your support for which I’m sure you’ll receive blessings.


P.h . Solomon


I’ve made even easier to support the project with 2 new levels. Just click the link above. Thanks for the man referrals yesterday also.

See my Goodreads Indiegogo event posted on my new author page. Friend me on Goodreads & view.

Here is the excerpt file for the Campaign: Bow of Destiny Excerpt

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