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Tweet Offer


1. Why is social media marketing important? The simple answer: it’s main street America now. People used to spend time on the street doing business and seeing all the sales ads in windows. Likewise, most people got news from a newspaper – and saw all the ads. Now they view news on the internet and see all the ads there. If you have a product then your wares need to be in a virtual storefront on Social media for virtual window shopping and advertising sales.

2. Exchanging FB pages, Twitter follows, etc. I recently read one blog that indicated requesting someone follow or like you on social media was a major mistake. While I prefer not to request interactions this way perhaps there is another viewpoint. Our social media is like exchanging business cards. We may not actively use that information but we might one day and people we know might find use in that connection too. It’s one of the reasons why business cards are exchanged – you may not need that service or product but you may know someone who does and that’s one favorable point of social media. In that light, I’m not opposed to being approached for connections at all on Facebook, etc. though I still reserve the right not to follow or like.

3 Experiment – I’ve read some people say offer a book for free to boost sales and other indicate that this is a changing tactic that no longer works. I’ve been trying a sale this week The Black Bag which will end on Sunday – it’s generated interest but not much else. The latest information released indicates that the freebie marketing effectiveness is dwindling. To me what gets people’s attention is not the saturation of freebie books that may or may not be good but word of mouth and quality. For this reason I see reviews as an important factor in sales since people trust that more than anything. Is that movie good? What did the reviewer say? Here’s some marketing tips by C. Lee McKenzie.

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Newsflash – Not Really

I’m keeping my posts to a minimum due to the need for some heavy lifting with edits. I will probably post short blogs over the next few weeks with random thoughts and announcements.

Black Bag Cover 7Today I placed The Black Bag on sale for .99 cents on Amazon and Smashwords so take a look. If you are interested in reviewing contact me. However, you can get this short story for free by simply signing up to follow me via email.

I’m editing away on The Bow of Destiny so I can be ready when it is time to go to the editor in August. I’ve gotten behind trying to keep up with social media and the fundraiser on Indiegogo. I must plug the crowdfunding campaign so the book can be published that much sooner.

That’s al I have for now. I’ll try to post some meanderings tomorrow!

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Tweet Offer


It’s easy to see that I’m in the middle of my own Indiegogo campaign for the Bow of Destiny. However, one thing has become clear over the last few days – SPAM. It seems there are those who flock around campaigns in search of money. FLASH: I’m raising money because I have a limited budget! Circumstances have left our two-income household with one income at the moment so I’m running things on a shoestring.

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

Now that I have that out of the way I want to make an offer no fellow campaigner can refuse. There are plenty of people who offer services and tweets/shares for something. I choose to offer nothing for simply passing word along for any worthy crowdfunding campaign – not even a retweet from you – though you can choose to do so on your own. So there it is – I will tweet when I can, as I can for your campaign and ask nothing back at all. If you know someone running a campaign then let them know I will provide a bit of assistance for FREE – though not unlimited since I have another life. If the requests come in thick then it will take a while to follow-up so be patient – it’s little ol’ me.

Do you need tweet/shares for your campaign? Leave comments below and I will get to them as best I can.

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