The Bow of Hart Saga
The Bow of Destiny

Caught in a web of secrets after he is drawn into a quest for the mysterious Bow of Hart, Athson finds himself confronting his tragic past. This book is being prepared for a final series of professional editing. I’m crowdfunding this project in July. There is a preliminary book trailer/campaign video posted on YouTube

An Arrow Against the Wind
Athson continues his adventures with his companions while his enemies lurk in a myriad of traps. This book is a largely finished rough draft.

The White Arrow
Athson concludes his journey with enemies at his heels. This book is currently in planning stages.

Empire’s Deception Trilogy (parallel to The Bow of Hart Saga)
Face of the Goddess

This book is in rough draft.

Monk’s Gambit
This rough draft is almost finished.

Deception’s Veil
This final book of the two series is in planning stages

What is Needed
This a blog serial that will be compiled and further developed into a novella.

Guardians of the Gate
This is an idea still in early stages of development. I haven’t decided whether to write it as one book or up to a trilogy.

The Black Glove Chronicles
This is a series in development stages for up to nine short adventure tales about a rogue who wears a black glove.

A dark fantasy short story that I plan to develop into a novella soon.

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