What I’m Reading Today – 6/2/2014

Here’s a list of what I’m reading today. In the future I’ll try to post who tweeted it.

Keeping up with the Amazon/Hachette issue? Hugh Howey posted his take on the situation on his site.

Here’s more thoughts regarding Amazon/Hachette from Michael Kozlowski on GoodEReader

UPDATE: Here’s Michael J. Sullivan’s take on the Amazon-Hachette issue, posted on Amazing Stories.

Comment: I P.S.’d this link to Mark Coker’s comments in his post of 5/26 on his Smashwords blog in my Friday blog post. Coker found it interesting that Hachette – and others – had not approached Smashwords which still uses agencies. Apparently, Mark Coker is willing to compete – something Hugh Howey discussed in his article as the issue behind all the Amazon criticism. I think all are basically saying that we’re all in this together. Publisher need to get some vision. Amazon needs to stick to good customer experience. Hopefully, the disputing parties will pay attention to these kinds of articles and settle-up amicably.

As an indie author I’m interested in cover design so here’s a page with 15 articles on the subject from Joel Friedlander at The Book Designer.

New Crowdfunding Read:If you read my post from last Tuesday then you know my interest in crowdfunding.

Yes, I might like to give critiques a try sometime so good information at Mythic Scribes
Comment: I found this article helpful and also contains good guidelines to provide beta readers. I like the editing continuum idea.

Castle Gate Press posted tips for a good author signing. I hope to put this to use one day!

See also  "The Bow of Destiny" by P.H. Solomon

Advice=Good, too much or off-target advice=confused. Here’s advice on taking advice from IWSG.

I’m also reading about plotting templates from Janice Hardy’s Fiction University.

If you are considering submitting a project, think about these reasons why you may be getting rejections from Writer’s Digest

I’m also reading about reader feedback and how it can be used – check it out at The Book Designer.

I’m sure I’ll read more today but these are a good start. Thanks to all the writers sharing information.

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Thanks for reading!


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