What I Read Yesterday & Today

Sample of Zombie Attack: Army of the Dead by Devan Sagliani – I’m interested so far so I may plunk down some on it. Who knows, I may cut my teeth on it with a friendly review. It’s available on Amazon, BN & Smashwords.

Is it just me or does this Bergdahl trade smack of a good story?

And access to social media to detect sarcasm by the gov just begs for a dystopian plot from any of several TV shows or book brands or me – or you…

Belinda Pollard’s Self-Publishing Weekly – I’ve already subscribed and I’m perusing the site – very interesting so far.

And speaking of Belinda, she also posted a blog about 4 blogs to follow. Some of these I already know about but she give handy tips on why to visit these and where to start reading helpful posts. Nice job, Belinda!

This post had me laughing from beginning to end. Thanks for the humor P.A. Baines!

I’ve been ruminating over Janice Hardy’s post about plot templates and the linked article she references.

This one made my list on Monday and I’m still working through all the articles so it makes my list again. If you are interested in cover art these will inform you. I’m looking at artwork from other books that strike me so I can invest appropriately when the time comes after a crowdfunding campaign. Thanks Joel Friedland @ The Book Designer!

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