8 Tips For Making – And Keeping – Goals

I’m sure you’ve read several posts or articles about setting goals and why. Michael Hyatt is has written several posts that discuss his views on goals. I recently read Daniel Adorno’s post on how he committed to writing and completing his WIP by making – and keeping – a simple goal.

Far be it for me to claim I am an expert on the subject of keeping goals. However, simply stating a goal is not enough to complete a goal. When I was young and learning to play basketball I had every intention of shooting the ball through the goal but the trick to making a shot more consistently was in the how. Jumpshooting requires coordination of the jump plus shot mechanics – release and follow-through. The ball must be handled correctly so that has correct arc and spin to improve one’s chances of making a shot.

Making goals is a simple prospect but its the details that catch us. You don’t go on a trip without some sort of planning.

Here my tips and observations on goals. Some of these have already been discussed in posts all over the web but I’m throwing in my thoughts from personal experience. I never liked committing to goals so it has been interesting learning to commit to them.

1. Be specific – a vague goal leads to uncertain results. Simply intending or writing “write today” is not enough to achieve the goal. Plan the details of what you will write with specificity or you might either ignore or flounder through it.
2. Prioritize goals – without clear focus on what is important in a hierarchy, confusion ensues and you stop working altogether.
3. Don’t be afraid of goals – make them and learn to meet them – this applies to meeting deadlines. But be..
4. Be willing to be fluid – some days are different so unforeseen interruptions may prevent all goals being fulfilled. However…
5. Don’t over-plan your goals – understand limitations you will have each day and plan accordingly otherwise, consistent over-planning will lead to discouragement and inactivity. Instead…
6. Make optional goals – this way if you meet all your higher priority goals and have some time to spare, address some options – just don’t think every day will the highest level of productivity.
7. Make longer-term goals – these are called projects and require planning how to execute them so be detailed. Which leads to the final point…
8. How will you accomplish a goal – whether long or short-term, understanding the specifics of how you will complete the goal is important. You can follow point one above and not understand what it takes to accomplish the goal for of research. For instance, what’s the cost in time or money.

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As a bonus, read this post about organizing for creativity – it might help meet goals too.

So that’s all I have today. What are your thoughts on goals? What helps you make and keep goals? Please leave comments. Also subscribe to follow the blog by email and follow me on both Twitter and Facebook.

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