8 Milestones Met This Week

This week has been one for milestones as a writer – some big and some minor. Here’s a list:

Available at Amazon, Smashwords and All Major E-Book Vendors!

Available at Amazon, Smashwords and All Major E-Book Vendors!

1. Published my first e-book, The Black Bag as a complete DIY project. The book is on the premium catalog on Smashwords and now available on Amazon. I think those are several milestones there.

2. As part of my first DIY project I created my first coverart.

3. Also as part of my DIY project I formatted my first e-book.

4. In preparation for my upcoming crowdfunding campaign for The Bow of Destiny, I created my first video which is still a WIP.

5. As a minor milestone, I passed 1000 tweets.

6. Also another social media milestone will be passing 500 followers on Twitter.

7. I started my Pinterest account this week so I have begun pinning some of my work there like the cover artwork for The Black Bag and the video for The Bow of Destiny.

A picture included in my trailer.

A picture included in my trailer.

8. I’ve also had a milestone with the blog. If you’ve seen my older posts they had no pictures. With my book out and the trailer I am now able to use a few related pictures which improves the quality of my posts.

That’s all for the week. Now I need to get busy organizing my crowd-funding campaign and completing my current revision – not mention submitting some short stories.

What milestones, goals or accomplishments have you had this week? Share a comment below and also consider following this blog via email for a FREE copy of The Black Bag. I’m on Facebook, Twitter (@ph_Solomon), Pinterest & Google+ (ph@phsolomon.com).

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