Which Way to Now?

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. I’ve self-published The Black Bag on both Smashwords and Amazon. That was a DIY project which proved both challenging and successful with my first foray into cover design and formatting an e-book. The Black Bag finally made it to Barnes & Noble today! This gave me great experience with self- publishing before doing it with a much larger book project like The Bow of Destiny.

The other big hurdle from the last few weeks was getting a crowdfunding campaign going on IndieGoGo. It included setting rewards levels and making a video for the project. Working on a low budget was a challenge but I believe it was successful for my needs during the campaign. I am just about ready for the campaign to start on 7/7.

Now the question is what I need to do now? Well, that’s easy – I need to complete the revision for the editor and beta reader during the next month. No big deal there – not. But June has been very busy but successful for goals met so why not July too? I’m putting myself on a strict deadline schedule to be ready to go to the editor as soon as the IndieGoGo campaign is finished.

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

But what else am I doing? Glad you asked. As if it weren’t enough to do a crowdfunding campaign and complete a book revision, I would like to edit a short story and submit it to a few magazine markets. However, if I find that it is too much then I will shelve it until August. As I wrote in a previous blog, it’s important not to make too many goals which complicates things. One of the reasons I pushed the last few weeks with the campaign and The Black Bag was to clear them off my list so I could focus on the book. These recent accomplishments were needed but also hurdles to working on the book which is the real goal.

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What have you accomplished lately? What hurdles have you encountered?

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