What I’m Reading This Morning 7/4

I’m taking a bit of a break from any serious blogging today so here are a few links and thoughts about some posts I’m reading. Also, be aware of some fundraisers that are ongoing that I like. And don’t forget my own IndieGoGo fundraiser starts on 7/7 – more on that below and on the News page. I plan to write some blogs about editing and marketing over the next few days as well so follow my blog and keep coming back.

Someone posted a good link for words describing voices from MacMillan Dictionarny. These are useful to remember.

Dorothy Cora Moore discusses a plotting method used by Michael Crichton on Writers Helping Writers (Angela Ackerman). I think this is a great method and should be part of development when using Scrivener’s index cards. Maybe I’ll write about this topic soon.

Here are some helpful tips for planning a marketing campaign. I’ll need these soon myself so this is a keeper. It’s from StandOutBooks.com and written by Alexander Hemus whom I just followed on Twitter.

Allison Schiff writes on Publisher’s Weekly about Copyright for authors. This is great as I see lots of confusion from many people on this subject.

Updated with more links:

Ever wonder what the hashtags mean in FB? Thanks for the post Anurag Mishra!

Zoe Saadia shares another article based on research for her historical fiction regarding new world people groups and their cultures.

That’s all I have for now. Remember to check these fundraising campaigns I like.

Picture from The Bow of Destiny project trailer.
Picture from The Bow of Destiny project trailer.

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