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When other writers find out that I work by day in computer support, technical questions are immediately asked of me. Here are some of those questions and my suggestions in answer (NOTE: I’m not doing technical support from this site so please don’t ask me about fixing Laptopproblems).

  1. What brand should I use? I rarely answer this directly as there are several good brands of computers available depending on your taste and budget. The main idea I suggest is research the brand and model.
  2. My battery doesn’t charge anymore. Should I replace my laptop? This depends on one main factor: the age of the laptop. A new battery can cost between a quarter to half of the cost of an inexpensive laptop so if the laptop is over three to four years old and/or out of warranty you might consider replacing it. At that age a laptop may have other parts that fail so investing more money into it may be a losing prospect versus a new, affordable laptop. Also consider this: many newer laptops have solid-state hard drives with less failure potential as well as improved battery life.
  3. Should I get a laptop or a tablet? If you travel a lot then a tablet is ideal and may last longer than a laptop. With a laptop the keyboard can fail/break or the screen can stop working with age. While a tablet can be broken, an external keyboard can be more easily replaced. I’m strongly considering a tablet when I eventually replace my current laptop. Regardless, my next computing device will have a solid state drive.
  4. Computer UsageWhere should I get a new laptop/tablet? What should I pay? I look for good buys on clearance/refurbished sites. Also, consider getting an extended warranty especially if you carry your laptop/tablet to various locations or travel frequently. However, if you are mainly computing from home then there is less wear and tear on it so the standard warranty is fine. As far as how much to pay it depends on what you r usage. If you just write then something less expensive is fine. If you play games or do more intensive tasks like graphics design then something with more horsepower (more memory and faster CPU) and a larger screen should be considered.
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So those are some common questions I get. What questions, suggestions or personal preferences do you have? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Also, remember if you opt to follow this blog via email I’ll send you a coupon to download my award-winning short story, The Black Bag, for FREE.

Thanks for reading and check back often for news. I’m currently completing a revision of The Bow of Destiny to send to my editor as well as other details toward publication.

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