Blogging Outside Your Normal Schedule Pt. 2

Chess pieces on chessboardLast week I enacted a strategy to improve my website analytics over the weekend  which can be seen in my former post.. The results were very good so I continued testing my strategy this week.

I’ve added a few tweaks:

  1. I started using extra hashtags including #WordPress for the tweet from Publicize.
  2. I tweeted and posted on Facebook more during the weekend over two weeks ago so that my average engagement was much higher during the week.
  3. I’m posting an older blog on Saturday and a newer one on Sunday.

Here are the results for this week:

  • Saturday, 10/11/14: The strategy continued working well with 27% more visitors over last week and by 8.5 times on 9/27. Interestingly, due to a lack of time, my Twitter engagement was down somewhat but the strategy still worked with targeted efforts.
  • Sunday, 10/12/14: Visitor stats increased by 35%  over 10/5 and was over 6.5 times greater than on 9/28. Again, due to my schedule on this day my Twitter engagement was half what it was on Friday, 10/10 but didn’t affect the outcome. Again, targeted effort was just as effective.

These results continue to prove my strategy useful for now. It also continues to improve my weekend Twitter engagement.

Next week I will report once more on this little project as well as any changes or additions I make to the strategy.

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