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Clip Art Image Copyright by Microsoft. Clip Art Used by Permission of Microsoft

Clip Art Image Copyright by Microsoft. Clip Art Used by Permission of Microsoft

Hashtags are one of the most commonly used tactics to improve exposure on Twitter. You simply add # and the term so that your tweet targets other Twitter users who visit that hashtag as a common interest to yours. It’s a great way to promote anything you have to share whether it’s just an opinion or an actual product. But is it as simple as it seems? Do your tweets actually reach as many people as you think? Let’s take a deeper look at this Twitter usage.

Last week I wrote a post about getting more out of Twitter using several sites to analyze how and what you tweet for more strategic exposure. One of the sites listed in that post was Hashtags.org which provides a number of metrics and information about a hashtag including whether it even exists. Among the analytics available for free is the hourly trends for the hashtag over the last 24 hours. Why is this important? Most people agree that 2 or 3 hashtags should be enough for a tweet. Suppose you have more hashtags in mind to use than this. How do you decide which ones to use? Answer: check hashtags.org for activity trends as well as current engagement for the terms you want to use. Here’s an example:

Let’s say I wanted to tweet something and had #fantasy, #scifi & #wordpress in mind to use but I only wanted to have two in the tweet. I would look-up #fantasy and at the time of this writing here’s the results:

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Fantasy Hashtag

There’s been a recent jump in activity so I may want to use this hashtag. Let’s see the trend for #scifi:

Scifi Hashtag

Hmmm, while #scifi is ticking upward too it isn’t as high in engagement as #fantasy. Let’s take a look at #wordpress:

Wordpress Hashtag

While #wordpress is trending down it is still much higher in engagement than #scifi at this time. For now, I would choose #fantasy and #wordpress.

So, this is a quick way to decide how to choose your hashtags to best promote your tweets and possibly gain more exposure. You may experience more re-tweets, follows and favorites than otherwise. I hope this helps with your Twitter engagements.

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Have you used hashtag.org yet? What other ways could you put this tool to use in your tweeting? I’d love to hear from you so won’t you leave a question, idea or strategy in the comment section? I’d also love to connect with you over social media so check my contact page for that information. See the News page for announcements and remember to sign-up to receive news and posts by email. I’ve added a new sign-up tab on my FaceBook page to simplify the process. New followers can download The Black Bag via free coupon today!

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