A New Author’s Year in Review Pt. 3

This is a continuation from Monday’s blog, The Serendipity of Christmas Generosity. It took time to get to the place where I was ready to commit to writing after the events described in my previous post. But that bit of serendipity certainly affected what I’ve done this past year as well as where I’m going next year. In Part 1 of this series I’ll revealed how I’ve progressed this year in several ways but now I want to get more specific starting with my email decisions. Part 2 covers my choices with email.

HammerAfter I obtained my domain registration and email address hosting, I then launched my website. I knew the site would be a work in progress which didn’t bother me too much. The one thing that gave me pause was blogging. I’d never blogged though I knew a little about it. I was hesitant to proceed with the activity.

But why would blogging leave me hesitant? After all, I am a writer. What left me with qualms was the amount of regular content I needed to produce. I didn’t think that I had what I needed to develop content frequently. What would I write about? What about the time commitment? My main concern was starting a blog and then doing nothing with it when it’s supposed to be an enhancement to my longer content.

I started with infrequent post but researched how to blog and what kind of topics I could share . Here’s where I made a mistake. I committed to that crowd-funding campaign too soon. I needed to build my blog with regular posts. True I could have blogged more during my campaign but because of the campaign I lacked focus for the task.

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Once I completed the campaign, I took a look at my blog analytics. They were abysmal. Clearly I needed to address this. I made a commitment to myself to blog more frequently and try a variety of different types of posts. I started hosting blog tours more as Typingwell as engaging in a guest post. Re-blogging is now a regular element of my blog. I write more related to what I am doing and how. Along the way the blog grew by a great deal. It’s not a huge thing but growing is good.

Looking back on the last seven months, I’ve come to enjoy blogging and I’ve learned a great deal too. Now I post a blog Monday through Friday and have a Newsletter. I may not keep up this pace next year but I certainly have fewer concerns about blogging now that I’ve committed to it. I look forward to learning more about the activity this coming year. I’m also going to expand the types of posts to author interviews while continuing to host more blog tours and guest posts.

I plan to share more about the details of how I started, what I used and the reasons for my decisions – good and bad – in the coming weeks. I’ll also use another series to discuss my plans for the upcoming years and why I’m setting such goals. Along the way, I’m also planning to reveal what I hope will be a helpful Scrivener template related to all these issues and how I plan to move forward. Again, I’m sharing this for other new or floundering would-be authors so if you know someone giving a it a go as a writer please share my posts with them.

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