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How my Alpha Readers saved Luck of the Irish –

Book CoverWhen I was writing Luck of Irish, I got my first serious case of author’s block. For weeks, I’d sit down in front of my computer with my head full of ideas and none would come out and into the Word file. I was on the verge of giving up when I came across an article on Alpha Readers. I had never heard of them so I devoured the article.

As it turns out, Alpha Readers are people who read your draft, while you’re still writing your book, and give you feedback on it. There many different ways to go about it, I was pretty satisfied with my first experience so I’ll tell you briefly what I did:

I had already established a sizable mailing list, thanks to my short-stories and my first novel, so I first reached out to these people for help. I sent out an invitation to the whole list and got some replies. I also posted on Facebook, Twitter and my blog saying I was looking for Alpha Readers and got a few others. I sent the candidates a few guidelines explaining what I needed from them. Basically, I sent them individual chapters of the book. They read it and sent me an email back with their general reactions and opinion about the chapter. They knew the text was still a draft when they received it so they weren’t expected to proofread it. Also, they were aware it was an ongoing project. Now, it may seem easy but it’s not and that’s why these Alpha Readers have my eternal gratitude.

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They not only allowed me to see my characters and the story through totally different eyes, but they suggested some things I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise as well as pointed out weak spots in the plot that I hadn’t noticed they were there.

At some point, I had a group of fifteen people who volunteered for this task. Twelve stuck with me until the end. I considered myself blessed to have had a dozen people following my story all the way through because I know we all lead busy lives. Nevertheless, these awesome ladies found the time, through pregnancies, sickness in their families, college classes, work schedules and many other ‘little’ things to sit down, read a chapter of my story, and write me an email with their thoughts and reactions to it. And their commitment and hard work has made all the difference. 

DSC00897Author Bio: When Liz Gavin was in Second Grade – just a couple of years ago, really – her teacher told her mother the little girl should start a diary because she needed an outlet for her active and vivid imagination. She was a talkative child who would disrupt the class by engaging her colleagues in endless conversations. She loved telling them the stories her grandfather used to tell her.

Apparently, the teacher wasn’t a big fan of those stories, and Liz’s mother bought her a diary. She happily wrote on it for a couple of months. Unable to see the appeal of writing for her own enjoyment only, she gave up on it. She missed the audience her friends provided her in class. She went back to disturbing her dear teacher’s class.

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Since then, she has become a hungry reader. She will read anything and everything she can get her hands on – from the classics to erotica. That’s how she has become a writer of erotica and romance, as well.

As a young adult, she participated in a student exchange program and lived in New Orleans for six months. She fell in love with the city and its wonderful inhabitants. NOLA will always hold a special spot in Liz Gavin’s heart. Nowadays, living in Brazil, Liz’s creativity has improved many times because it’s such a vibrant, gorgeous and sexy country.

Welcome to her world of hot Alpha males and naughty, independent women. Add a touch of the paranormal in the presence of some wicked souls and you’ll get the picture.

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  1. Hi PH. I can’t thank you enough for hosting today’s stop on my Blog Tour. 4WillsPublishing did a great job organizing it but without your support nothing would have happened.
    Having said that, I need to apologize for the mistakes and/or typos in my post. Shame on me for proofreading it only a hundred times, right? Lol Your amazing blog deserves better, that’s why I want to make it plainly clear to your readers this post is all my fault. 😉
    Talk soon,

  2. Great post, Liz. I’d heard of Beta Readers, but I’d never heard of Alpha Readers prior to reading your post. I googled to find the difference between the two. Thanks for hosting, P.H.

    1. Hi, Michelle. Glad I have helped you. First time I read about Alpha Readers I also googled the difference.
      I loved the experience so much I had to shared it.
      Thanks for stopping by & posting.
      Your support is much appreciated as always. 🙂

  3. Hello Liz,
    I enjoyed your post today, I learned something too! That is great to have that extra help! I have a few friends that I do that with, but I really should look for someone more objective. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Good luck and have fun today!
    Jennifer Hinsman

    1. Hi, Jennifer. Glad to see you here. You never fail me! 😉
      I think objectiveness is the key word where Alpha Reading is concerned, isn’t it? Friends and family may be too close to us for that.
      Good luck with the rest of your blog tour today,

      Talk soon,

  4. Hi Liz! This is a very informative post. I’ve never heard of Alpha readers, so I just learned something really useful today. Thanks! Hope you have a good time on today’s tour stop! 🙂

    PH, thanks for hosting Liz, today 🙂

    1. Hello, there, Harmony.
      My day job is as a teacher so you just made my day, dear. 🙂
      Having Alpha Readers helped me improved my writing and I made such good friends. That’s why I shared the story.

      Thank you for the support & talk soon,


    1. Hello, John.
      Happy to help just like all you guys from RRBC have always helped me. 🙂
      I’m just giving a little something back today.

      Talk soon,

  5. What an intriguing idea. And most importantly, your readers have the best motivation – they have great respect for you/love you/etc., and just want to be helpful.

    1. Hello Jeffrey.
      How is your blog tour gooing, my friend? How it’s as good as mine because I’m having the time of my life.
      You’re absolutely right. My readers like me and they want my book to be the best I can write so that they can enjoy it in return. It is the ultimate win-win situation. Not to mention I met some real great people, who luckily for me, have since become good friends. That’s why I recommend this system. 🙂

      Talk to you tomorrow,

  6. What a great idea Liz, about the Alpha Readers. I think I will try that with my next book. I usually have friends I send my draft to, but your idea is worth trying. Happy touring. Thanks P.H. for hosting.

    1. Hi, Joy and thank you for stopping by and commenting.
      I do recommend Alpha readers because my experience with this group of ladies was excellent. Hope you have a good time with yours as well. If you really decide to do that, I’d be willing to help you in anyway I could – including alpha reading for you.

      All the best,

  7. Hi Liz, I just finished this great book and am writing your review. As soon as my dragon microphone gets over its snit fit, I’ll talk it in and get it on Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, twitter and Facebook. It was a great book, hot, steamy romance and fast-paced action. Good luck with it.

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