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This is a newer feature on Archer’s Aim – Fantasy Authors Unplugged. I hope to frequently share an interview with a fantasy author. If you have authors to suggest and/or questions you’d like to see answered then leave a comment or send me an email. If you are a fantasy author and would like an interview please let me know and we’ll plan one that fits your schedule.

Today I’ve interviewed Michael Eging, co-author of Annwyn’s Blood (along with Steve Arnold). Thanks to Michael for being featured on Archer’s Aim.

1. Please share about Annwyn’s Blood. What’s the key component of the story?

Annwyn CoverAnnwyn’s Blood started as a short story that I wrote while in college. Steve and I looked at that story and thought there must be a longer story in there somewhere!  Over the course of a few years, we wrote Annwyn’s Blood between graduate school and full-time jobs. When we shopped it around, many of the responses focused on the market ‘not needing another vampire story’. Ironic. So the story sat on a hard drive for many years until we pulled it up and thought we needed to revisit this story and world.

Central to the story’s heart is the longing for redemption. While we haven’t seen this play out fully in the course of Annwyn’s Blood, many of the characters find themselves in need of redemption and they will each struggle with this through the series.

2. Are you a full-time author or do you have another job also?

Neither Steve nor I are fulltime writers.  Steve is a practicing physician in Ohio and I work in life sciences public policy in Washington, DC.

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3. How did you choose your genre?

Steve and I love fantasy and this story became a natural extension of that. Since this book was focused on a historical, fantastical world, we jumped into it. Also, I was a history major in college – with a focus in Byzantine and early Russian Headshothistory. Steve is an informal student of history, so it all meshes together very well. So, we journeyed to a world where that would be new to many readers and allow us to tell fresh stories while taking them on this fantastical, mythical journey.

4. Highly creative people often something like walks to nourish their creativity. Do you make use of anything to make your muse flourish?

I like to walk with my Bernese Mountain dog in the evenings. And when I call Steve in the evenings to swap ideas and talk about stories, he is often walking his dog Dobby as well. Also, I love to read and discuss stories with my children. Often in the telling of the story, I find things I hadn’t thought about and directions worth exploring.

5. What is your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is Nine Princes in Amber, the entry to Zelazny’s brilliant Amber Chronicles. When I was in middle school, I discovered them in the local library and would often read there while waiting for my parents to take me home with them from work  My co-writer, Steve has a fond place in his heart for Pratchett’s works.

6. How did you choose your editor?

Our editor, Chris Baxter was a referral from some BYU English majors who helped hook Steve and I up with editing help. He edited Annwyn’s Blood as well as our forthcoming novel A Silver Horn Echoes – The Song of Roland, inspired by the epic medieval poem.

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Mike Eging-9468sml7. What can you share about the next edition of your series?

Our next book blows open the Dark Age world of Annwyn’s Blood to encompass a much greater portion of the crumbling Byzantine Empire and the rising Germanic kingdoms in the West. We see our heroes embark on a quest to defeat the armies of Annwyn, while trying to redeem Marianna, a lead character in the first book. This leads to heartbreak for all involved as the battle unfolds and Annwyn scores first blood.  The story launches right from the final pages of Annwyn’s Blood so the story won’t skip of beat from one book to the next.

You can find Annwyn’s Blood at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Also connect with Michael & Steve on Facebook. Thanks again to Michael (and Steve) for being a part of Archer’s Aim today. Make sure to check out their book. I’m reading it now and having a good time with it.

If you’re a fantasy author and would like to be interviewed for “Fantasy Authors Unplugged” just contact me via email or one of my social media channels and we’ll set one up.

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