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Today I welcome Leisl Kaberry to Fantasy Authors Unplugged:

Q. Please tell us about yourself.

A. I’m an Aussie living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with my husband and 4 kids. I’m fortunate enough to be a stay at home mum which has afforded me the privilege of being able to not only spend time focused on writing but also studying a degree in criminology and Criminal Justice. I have always been a big fan of rock music and while I love to sing… and do frequently, I’m not all that good. I love theatre acting and would have done a lot more musicals (had I had the vocal chops for it) but have been fortunate to get involved with amateur theatre in a number places I have lived. Despite my love of acting, in recent years my true passion has become writing.

Q. How did you get into writing?

A. I didn’t mean to, I always loved making up stories and even writing the odd one down but was adamant I would never be a writer… I was going to be an actor, after all. However, after I had my first child I was in a creative mood and found myself before the computer with an idea for a scene. Before long I had written a chapter and had the whole trilogy virtually mapped out in my head… I felt the story was too good not to write so made up my mind that come hail or shine I would write and publish it… even if I would be the only person with a copy on my shelf. That was nearly 13 years ago and now I truly do consider myself a writer.

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Journey of Destiny - Leisl KaberryQ. What’s the title of your current book? What’s it about?

A. Titanian Chronicles – Journey of Destiny follows the adventure of two friends (an adventurous elf and a human with mystic powers) as they leave the protective borders of an all Elf Kingdom in order to seek out their destinies in the lands beyond… a world they know little about and that hosts all manner of races and differing cultures. Unbeknown to them, they are followed by an elf maiden both have been in love with since their youth. However, a cavalcade of trolls collecting slave girls, led by a man in black with a scar across his eye, make it a challenge for her to be reunited with her friends. Meanwhile a Dark Mage seeks to destroy all remaining wizards who could interfere with his plans, including those with untrained powers. The three must find their way in this new world where their hearts, minds and strengths are put to the test as destinies are unveiled and ethics are challenged.

Q. How do you stay motivated with writing?

A. Setting goals really helps. These days I give myself timelines for having a book written, for me to achieve that aim I need to focus a lot of attention on writing whenever I have the opportunity. Most afternoons I put aside a few hours devoted to it and in all honesty I am excited about sitting down at the computer and getting the story out of my head and onto paper (of the screen variety). On days I can’t get to it, I miss it and so I guess I always stay motivated because it’s one of the things I most look forward to in my day.

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Q. How did you choose your cover artist?

A. Serendipity, It was meant to be. I met Kristen Caruana through mutual friends at a luncheon. We got talking about her art and my book and the conversation turned into discussing cover art and the possibilities. We decided it would be great to work together and she took up the challenge of interpreting what was written and what was in my head to create a piece of art for my cover… a piece of art that now hangs in our local library.

Q. As a reader, what gets your attention and keeps?

A. I must say that I have always been a sucker for a good mystery. Keep me on my toes by revealing pieces of the puzzle and you will have me reading and guessing until the truth is revealed. I love it. Of course a good bit of scandal or something with great shock value will also get my attention and keep me reading.

Q. How did you choose the fantasy genre?

A. I don’t know that I really chose it or that it chose me. I had been reading a lot of fantasy at the time, I had read all the Chronicles of Narnia series in my late teens and then moved on to the Dragonlance Chronicles, which I had fallen in love with and was also reading David Eddings, so I think perhaps they had inspired me. The fact is that I really wasn’t trying to write a book at first when the idea came to me… I had the idea and had to follow it. It could have just as easily been a murder mystery because I was also reading a lot of Agatha Christie at the time too…hehe… but I was inspired in the fantasy direction and have no regrets, I truly love the genre, especially writing it.

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Thanks to Leisl for appearing in the Fantasy Authors Unplugged today. Please take some time to look at her contact information below as well as her book links. I looking forward to reading her work in the near future.

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