Project Management for Writers Pt. 8: Schedule & Productivity

TypingIt’s been a while since I wrote about project management. I recently had some thoughts about the subject and wanted to share some tips for better project management and productivity.

1. If you often find that you’re unable to focus this could mean that you’ve got a lot on your plate and just can’t get it organized in your mind well enough to be productive. You know how you open tabs on your web browser and then open more? Sometimes you may even have some open for a long time. Your browsing and your computer might slow down as a result. The same thing happens with your mind – too many mental tabs are open – work to get them closed by organizing your day.

2.Daily goals and schedule – use a schedule to know how and when something will be dealt with – otherwise you can flounder under the uncertainty. What needs to be done gets mentally assigned time, place, function, etc so that you can eliminate uncertainty. Now you may notice your mind some spinning and getting nowhere – you’ve just planned how to go about your work.

3. Follow the schedule as much as possible. There will be need for changes so be willing to be flexible. But follow the schedule as best you can and start closing those mental tabs. Clear these and productivity improves. You’ll find that you’re getting more accomplished by addressing all the items on your mental list. The importance part is that you get them out of your mind and scheduled so you can work on them.

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4. How this works on a long-term schedule – this type of schedule doesn’t change as much nor does it require quite as much management. I might set goals/deadlines for some writing projects but this can – and does – get adjusted due to intervening events. However, my managing your daily schedule and goals well you may find that your bigger plans are more on target and you start closing those bigger tabs with greater regularity.

Want to be more productive but find yourself distracted with a reasonable schedule? Try working in a space that’s tidy. Avoid the internet while working – there are several tools you can use to help discipline your activity. Don’t research during your writing time – do it beforehand. Make sure you get enough sleep – being too tired means it’s harder to focus and writing takes lots of mental acuity.

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Available at Amazon, Smashwords and All Major E-Book Vendors!

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