Starting An Author Platform Pt. 5: A Social Media Primer

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This is ongoing series for newer writers interested in developing their writing brand. The previous posts included a general overview, branding through domain registration, branding through email and building your website.

Not to be obvious but if you are building an author platform you need social media accounts. Not only that, but you don’t need to be a wallflower. While you are interested in growth, what social media you choose first is important. You can’t adequately build your social media presence by spreading yourself too thin so you can’t maximize your efforts. But where should you start?

Twitter is your most important channel. Due the its nature as a fast moving social media outlet, Twitter can fuel much of your social media growth. This fact makes it a great avenue to attract visitors to your other social media channels, your website/blog and your content. Without being pushy or overbearing, you can regularly gain followers with consistent engagement.

Your next most important social media venue as a writer is Goodreads. If you’re a writer and not on Goodreads you are missing out – the social media channel for readers. Even if you don’t have a book published it’s the place to be to interact with readers who can become your best advocates. But by interacting I don’t me pushing your books, rather connect with other readers via groups (following their posted rules) and discuss other books. Find out the best practices for being a author on Goodreads and enjoy other readers opinions.

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The next most important social media channel is up to you, the author. What genre you write dictates what your next account is. For instance, the best channel for speculative fiction is Google+. For more information check out this blog post by my fellow Rave Reviews Book Club member, Nicholas Rossis about what social media formats mesh best with which genres.

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Definitely consider Pinterest at some point. The visual nature of Pinterest is wonderful for displaying your covers and related artwork. Additionally, you can post any fan-art you receive to better interact with your readers.

Lastly, if you are taking your time building a website, make sure to go ahead and engage on social media now. The sooner you gain followers the better off you will be when it comes time to actually market your work. But always remember, give more than you take and you won’t turn people off. And above all, make sure your accounts reflect your writing brand consistently.

Available at Amazon, Smashwords and All Major E-Book Vendors!

Available at Amazon, Smashwords and All Major E-Book Vendors!

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