Guest Post: 7 Sites to Find Inspiration for Creative Writing

Today I welcome Cindy Bates as a guest blogger who shares some interesting sites for creative writing. Take it away, Cindy!!

WritingFinding inspiration as a creative writer most probably helps unleash creative imagination that is vital for anybody using content online. You have to learn how to use this feeling to improve your writing productivity. As many creative writers already know, it can be quite challenging sometimes to come up with content that is worth reading. Alternatively, when inspired it is like you are possessed with a force that taps into your imagination. This helps one have ideas that are important to improve your creative writing efforts. If you need inspiration, listed are some of the best Sites to find inspiration for creative writing.

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1. Wridea

Wridea is an ideal site to visit if you are interested in finding a way to improve and save your ideas. Users have an opportunity to achieve a lot with their ideas. Wridea puts its user in control with contact groups and privacy settings allowing them to share ideas with the chosen collection of people.

This site encourages idea improvement as well as idea saving, which helps nurture great things in future. Wridea offers a variety of simple features, which are very effective. The best part about the site is that they are free of charge. You don’t need to pay to create a Wridea account. All features are available to its members.

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Books don’t market themselves; neither do publishers do everything for you if you have gone that route. On the other hand, if you are a self-published novelist, the entire or most burden of marketing gets your shoulders.

It’s understandable that it might be difficult to determine the methods that pay off even after you have made them. At times book sales can happen by a combination various different methods. Therefore, it is recommended to visit WritersNet, which is a great website to promote your book and interact with other writers, both unpublished and published.

3. A-Writer

Is a good site route for creative writers seeking to interact with great publishers in their chosen field of writing. Being part of A-Writer gives creative essayists access to useful content; thus, helping them stay current every time.

Having An Idea4. The story starter 

The story starter is a great tool that helps writers generate new ideas for writing plays, short stories, or other writing task. In order to generate an idea with the story starter, just click on the “click here for random stories sentence” and you will be given a new idea.

5. Aldaily 

Aldaily is quite a good site to keep oneself updated with the current trends in creative writing. From aldaily, you will learn high-quality words and appropriate expressions. You simply have to make it a habit to keep checking it from time to time. The frequency varies from one person to another depending on her wants.

6. Write or Die

If you really want to write a book you could begin by writing 800 words immediately. This is simply achieved by signing up at Write or Die. This is a tool that you have to set for a length of time, for instance 20 minutes, and then you must write. The idea is to stop writing before the end of the time limit since there are consequences. Below are the consequences:

  • Kamikaze Mode: With this you must keep Writing otherwise your content will un-write itself
  • Normal Mode: With normal mode, if you stop writing, you’ll be played the most unpleasant sound, which will only stop if you continue writing.
  • Gentle Mode: after you stop writing for some time, a box pops up, reminding you to continue writing.
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This is among the simplest sites that will help you publish a text webpage. The site does not require a sign up. Instead, you only define a post’s URL and create a password; thus, users are able to create their pages in a short time. Images are dragged in place, and one can create many posts simply by using a tag.

Pages may contain an e-book, a tutorial, or even a poem. Page editing is quite simple and needs no code. Users can as well add videos or even create new pages by following directions given by the site. After edits, users can easily save them in a single click, making the page get automatically updated.

The above mentioned are great platforms to find inspiration for creative writing. They can as well improve your creative writing skills, and even help you turn your leisure pursuit into a source of income.

About the author:

cbCindy Bates works as a freelance writer and editor. She used to write articles and share her knowledge and experience in educational sphere. You are invited to connect with Cindy via Google+.

Thanks to Cindy for sharing this fantastic list of sites that encourage creative writing. I’m checking these out. How about you?

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