Why You Should Recycle Blog Tour Posts – Carefully

This summer I expect to begin writing up some blog tour ideas for when The Bow of Destiny is release. I’ve already got a list and it’s growing. Here’s the thing, if you are going to spend the time writing up who knows how many blog tour articles why not get as much use as possible out of them?

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RecycleNow I’m not saying post these during a blog tour while they are being used. Neither am I saying you should re-use them all for all your blog tours (though if you find an idea or theme is usually popular then ride it, just with differing posts). What I am saying is that you can recycle this content on your blog later – sparingly.

Think about it. You’ve spent a great deal of time writing for all these tours. You’ve also got a blog meant to promote you and your writing. You’re frequently going to put your books on sale at various times of the year. If you are like me and you’re writing a book series then you’ll be releasing related books to the one that you’ve put through a tour already.

Why not put those tour posts to good use? There are those who believe that you shouldn’t re-use these and I agree that you shouldn’t do so repeatedly on more than one blog tour. However, you can re-post similar content on your site so that those readers who want to know more can learn more and those who have not seen the posts can read what they haven’t seen already.

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So when you’ve got more going on with your book – post something from a former blog tour. If you are releasing a subsequent book on another tour, use an old blog tour post from earlier works in the series on your site with added links to the ongoing tour and release material. In other words, much like you might see a short story published several times you should re-use your blog tour content to continually enhance your book promotion. Just don’t re-use posts continually on every tour and every sales event since your readers are looking for new insights into your book – there’s a balance.

Clip Art Image Copyright by Microsoft. Clip Art Used by Permission of Microsoft

Clip Art Image Copyright by Microsoft. Clip Art Used by Permission of Microsoft

Here are three ways you gain from recycling tour posts:

1. It also means that you spend less time coming up with new blog material. You can build on what you have and provide additional information on development.

2. Additionally, that content keeps working for you, meaning the time you spent actually magnifies the useful exposure it continues to gain your book. Think of it this way, the time spent writing it is super-charged, providing returns like you actually spent 10 hours on that post rather than 1 (that’s just an example. I don’t actually know how much it will return, just that it can boost that original effort).

3. Lastly, it means that you’ve got more time to write and promote more of your content.

So don’t just write those blog tours and throw them away. Recycle them with a bit of fresh content and links to additional material. Get full use out of your hard work and let those old posts gain the most exposure possible for your book – you owe it to yourself for all the hours you put into the book and its release. Regardless, always post your tour and events for you newest book on your site, preferably with your informative posts.

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  1. What a great idea. I hadn’t considered tapping into past interviews for content, but you’re right. It’s a goldmine of easy-to-access promotional material.

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