Building An Author Platform Pt. 9: Check Online Details


I recently attended a conference workshop about building an author website. I came away with a few things to do that need to be addressed but which haven’t come up for me previously. I list them for your consideration also. I know I’ll act on these immediately but will as I can.

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Clip Art Image Copyright by Microsoft. Clip Art Used by Permission of Microsoft

Clip Art Image Copyright by Microsoft. Clip Art Used by Permission of Microsoft

Check your alternate domain usage

There are a variety of alternate domains that you may want to register even if you don’t use them since you don’t want someone using them parallel to your brand. Honestly, there can be so many different domain suffixes (.net, .org, etc.) that it may be cost prohibitive for you. However, it’s worth consideration just so you don’t end up with something close to your address that is offensive. Just keep your budget in mind when purchasing multiple domains.

To find all the different domains you can use any site that searches domains for registration like – the domain search is at the top of the home page. It will provide alternate variations to consider buying as well. You’ll at least know if something is taken and plan for your budget otherwise.

Check your social media name usage

There are a large number of social media channels on the internet these days. You may not use them all or even plan to but you may want to take the name for your brand regardless so it isn’t used otherwise. It can take some time so you may want to do this piecemeal.

When you do this use Namecheckr to find all of them – and there are a lot of social media channels. You can take as many of these as you want – or all – you don’t have to use them but it keeps someone from impersonating your brand, or even taking the name honestly.

Idea PiecesDon’t stop tweaking your platform – it’s a work in progress

Even if you don’t take all the name spaces for your domain or in the world of social media it’s worth to keep these in mind as you publish and become more widely known. As your reach grows so will your need to control your brand and then you may find you need to own all the domain variations and have accounts for all social media channels even if you won’t use them. The better known you become the more likely someone will take something you haven’t and use them in some whether malicious or not. It’s just one detail to keep in mind as your author platform grows

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