The Bow of Destiny: Official Cover Reveal

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

Today is a wonderful milestone day for The Bow of Destiny. This epic fantasy series was in my creative thoughts as long ago as my early college days in the mid-80’s. I wrote the original manuscript in the ‘90’s and was offered a contract by a small press at the time. The contract was not right for me so I passed and, since it was a time of change and grief for my wife when her mother died, I laid the manuscript aside for several years.

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I kept coming back to the work intending to re-write it and get it published but the project never bore much fruit. About four years ago, I began to take writing seriously again when I found that I had a number of ideas for books and stories lurking in my mind. Since I had so much written for this manuscript I began re-writing it around a busy schedule and a death in my own family. Even though there were a number of distractions – as all of us have – I knew the time was right to publish this series with the recent explosion of self-publishing.

Earlier in the year, I came across a piece of artwork by Chris Rawlins entitled “Robin of Loxley” that caught my attention in his gallery. It fit the motif of my book so strikingly I knew I needed to work with Chris. The result is this cover. Here’s Chris’s bio:

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“I have lent my brush to a huge diversity of subject matter and styles. Portrayal of humans, horses, animals, and landscapes, using contemporary and modern techniques have earned admiration, acclaim and a large following. I am passionate about strong compositions, realism, detail, accuracy, dramatic lighting and strong compositions. 

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My artworks have been used for numerous book covers, albums and magazines, as well as entire books growing a wide audience of authoritative scholars who respect integrity, as well as faithful patrons and enthusiasts who love the action-packed and emotional style. 

I have a passion for history and art so to bring history to life through my artworks is a dream come true. My approach is to try and put yourself / the viewer there to bring a true-to-life realism that the books of my childhood lacked. Detail of research for any painting is key if you are attempting a realistic representation. I research many of my artworks in detail and travel abroad to battlefield locations, museums and military archives.”

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Last week, I provided a sneak peek over my email list and received a very positive reaction to the cover which was more than encouraging. Currently, I am completing a revision of the book while I wait on my editor to begin looking at it first structurally and then in more detail. After these upcoming rounds of editing I anticipate the book being ready for publication at which point I should be able to set a target release date.

While the book is away with the editor I plan to finish the rough draft of the second book entitled, An Arrow Against the Wind, and develop the prequel series, “What is Needed”, into a novella to offer for free as a run-up promotion to the release of The Bow of Destiny. Since I know more about what I’m doing developing book for self-publication I hope to have An Arrow Against the Wind ready early in 2016.

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Without further delay, here’s the cover for The Bow of Destiny. Look for changes to my social media accounts that incorporate this as a banner. I will also pin it on my Pinterest account so you can check it out in detail there.

The Bow of Destiny

Available at Amazon, Smashwords and All Major E-Book Vendors!

Available at Amazon, Smashwords and All Major E-Book Vendors!

Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. I’d also love to connect with you over social media so check my Contact page for that information. Want to be listed in The Bow of Destiny credits? Join the Insider Team to share upcoming links. Either way, you’ll be the first to have news about my books, especially some free offers this summer related to the upcoming release of The Bow of Destiny, the first novel of The Bow of Hart Saga. You’ll also receive a coupon to download my e-book short story, The Black Bag, for free as well as July’s free e-book: Recommended Reading for Authors!

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Cover art for The Bow of Destiny licensed from Chris Rawlins on commission

Additionally these prequel titles to The Bow of Destiny are currently available on Wattpad: Trading Knives and What Is Needed:

Trading Knives 1    What Is Needed 4


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    1. It brought tears to my daughter’s eyes when she first saw it – the cover begins to make the book a reality. Thanks for stopping by today!

    1. Thanks Carol, I appreciate the compliment. The artist did a wonderful job. I’m working on a revision before it gets a final look from my editor.

  1. Great cover! I love the dog with cloud around him. Is he supposed to be a conjured creature or is that just his breath in the cold air?

      1. Thx – I’ll be posting news about the book within the week. I’m recruiting “street team” members to share on social media and be listed in the book’s credits.

      2. Excellent, I’ll have links to reserve pre-sale ebook copies at select retailers within a few days. Can we do an interview just after Labor Day? The book releases o 9/28.

  2. Cover looks great. I also like your prequels to build buzz idea. You’re welcome to use my blog space anytime, and no need to credit me. I’m happy to help. Send me what you want posted and a preferred date. You have my email address.

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