Stop and Watch the Turtles Play?

TurtlesSome years back I stepped out on the balcony of the building where I work. It overlooks a small lake surrounded by trees and a footpath. It’s very nice scenery for an office building where you can see nature’s changes throughout the year.

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There are all kinds of animals that inhabit this nature area including snakes, water-fowl, fish, deer turtles and more. I’ve walked the foot-path many times and observed these various animals living bordering to a busy work environment. I’ve seen a blue heron sail across the lake a beaver play in the water. People visit the office park to fish the lake.

But on this particular afternoon, I watched an interesting tableau. The water is rather close to the rear of the building and the afternoon sun shines at an angle so you can observe what’s in the lake – especially from several floors up.

OakMtnAs I stood on that sunny afternoon and watched the lake, I noticed young turtles underwater in the shallows. These juveniles swam around, chasing and playing with each other. It was quite an unusual spectacle that I’d never really seen previously. Imagine, turtles playing in the water? It left me smiling after several minutes of observation.

Thinking back on that short time, I find that it’s important to stop and smell the roses – er – watch the turtles play. Smelling the roses is good but common. It’s great to see things you’ve never really noticed before. You’ll find many sights you’ve never considered and be refreshed as well.

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It’s been busy for me most of this year with lots of writing activities. But one thing I need to do more of is stop and observe what’s around me. In the middle of my busy book launch schedule, I plan to take a few trips in the area and get out for a hike and look for the unusual in my surroundings. Sometimes, you just need the break and the mental rest.

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  1. Those are life-affirming practices PH – writers in particular need to keep in touch with their non-linguistic senses and let the ears, eyes, mouth juices, nose and fingers take in the data for our brain and vocal chords… 😉
    Turtles are wonderful creatures!

  2. Love scenic views. It can be inspiring for an author. My office used to be on a college campus with a beautiful mountain scenery but 2 years ago they moved us to the other side of town. Still has nice scenery but not just by walking out he door. Plus way too much traffic, and takes me 15 extra minutes to get there. I would love to go back to my old office or one similar but I’m not the one who gets to decide. Nice post. Thank you for reminding us to take time to enjoy what is around us.

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