Help! My Head Talker’s Blabbing & Won’t Be Quiet!

Head TalkerThat’s right my Head Talker is jabbering excitedly waiting for time to send out it’s message on 9/28!

What’s a Head Talker? It’s a service for crowdspeaking. Basically, people support your campaign with their social media so you can get a message out about anything on a particular day. The service combines all the supporters into one big social media shout-out.

So what’s mine all about? It’s the announcement for the release day for The Bow of Destiny due out on 9/28. If you could lend your help, it would be appreciated. It’s free and only takes a few moments and clicks and you’re all done.

Oh yeah, don’t forget the date either. There’ll be 4 prizes to be won and anyone leaving a comment on my site that day is entered into the contest with a chance to win one of them. I’m splurging a little on that day so the main prize is a good one that involves being able to read e-books (big hint). The release is part of RRBC’s Back-to-School Book & Blog Block Party that’s going on all month – click the link to see the line-up!

Check back soon for my full post later today!

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