4 thoughts on “B2S Book & Blog Block Party

  1. I’m excited to visit fellow-baman PHS and celebrate the release of The Bow of Destiny. I’m also a fan of your blog postings, PH. For example, your insights about experience infusing the worlds we create and people who inhabit them, plus about how readers bring their own experiences to interpreting them, is right on. It’s fun to imagine how others will envision what we create, which is both the challenge and the reward. You are observant and talented, Mr. Solomon. It’s a privilege to discover you and become your fan. Good luck with the tour!

    1. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, Stephen. You must be up late writing to leave such and early comment! I’m happy to have late-night fans!

  2. Up? Writers don’t sleep. It’s in the rules, right there, #7. I’m doing graphics work tonight, and had been monitoring the clock, waiting for midnight so I could bop on over and say hey! You’re up late, too. Rule #7. I hope you put out some snacks; you’ll be having company over the next 24. Good luck!

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