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JugglerI just recently released The Bow of Destiny on my site as part of a larger blog tour of Rave Reviews Book Club’s members who were featured each day during September. Many thanks to those who stopped by the site and celebrated with me. I’ve already received few positive reviews from pre-release readers. A number of people like the release day post design so I wanted to share some of how I developed it since it was like a juggling act to bring it all together!

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I designed the post this way for several reasons. First, I wanted to give visitors the option to explore the book as much as possible without using up valuable time for those who just wanted to make a quick stop. Next, since the book is an epic fantasy about a quest, I thought that a little fun with a scavenger hunt was appropriate. Lastly, since I was mostly releasing entirely on my site that day, I wanted to basically have a mini-blog tour that covered a number of topics.

But in designing how this rather complex set of posts would work, there were a number of challenges to meet. As you can imagine, the main page needed to be the first post seen by visitors to the blog page. There were also other pages to consider but handling them required they be relatively unseen without clicking specifically to them.

Here’s how I approached it:

1. I wrote the main page and carefully crafted it so visitors could take either option which included a link to the next stop on the scavenger hunt.

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BOD Final2. I wrote pages for each stop on the scavenger hunt with links to each successive page. Each page was designed to provide some information about characters in The Bow of Destiny with a final question about a detail on the page.

3. Next I used several blog publication tools from WordPress.com: the scheduler and the publicize. I scheduled the scavenger hunt pages to go live before the main page and this main one to be scheduled last. In this way, the main page was displayed first on the blog. I used the publicize tool only for the main page, turning off all options for the scavenger hunt pages so news about them would not be sent out over my connected social media channels.

This strategy allowed visitors to choose reading only the main page or going on the scavenger hunt. It met my goals and allowed those people with time to have a little fun getting to know more about the book. But either way, the visitors were able to make a final comment on the main page to enter the giveaway.

So there you have my little tricks to running a mini-blog tour on your site. Depending on your site platform you should have similar tools to use in designing something similar should you want to do the same as I did. Thanks again to everyone who visited on Monday.

Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. Sign up for my Archer’s Aim Digest mailing list to receive the forthcoming edition of my newsletter with announcements about upcoming releases and events. You’ll receive my a SPECIAL coupon for The Bow of Destiny, the first novel of The Bow of Hart Saga. Speaking of which, it is now available on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks Amazon – Kindle & Smashwords. Additionally, September’s FREE book, What Is Needed is available at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks and Smashwords & Amazon.

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