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Going In CirclesWith the publication of The Bow of Destiny it’s time to get back to work on the other writing projects. I’ll continue work on The Bow of Hart Saga but what else am I doing and when will new books come out? Here’s my upcoming projects and writing schedule:

Next up in The Bow of Hart Saga is book 2, An Arrow Against the Wind. I’ll complete my initial structural edit within a few weeks. It will go to my editor during November for her initial edit. Meanwhile, I hope to have a a few alpha readers also take a look at it. After it comes back I’ll work on it more until the final round of editing in February 2016. After that, it is scheduled to be completed and released on 4/18/16.

While An Arrow Against the Wind is away during November, I’m going to throw my hat into the ring with NaNoWriMo. My book project will be book 3 of The Bow of Hart Saga, The White Arrow. I’ll work on an outline in the latter half of October to be ready for November. I hope to complete most of the rough draft during that month of writing so I can go to serious work on it during February 2016 and again in May 2016 so it can be ready for publication by this time next year.

Writing2But that’s not all for my plans. I have numerous short stories just lying around gathering dust (figuratively since they are on my computer). So, I’ve decided to compile them into at least 2 anthologies. I should have the first one ready in time for the holidays and the second one by March. I’ll announce the release plans for those over the next few months.

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That’s not all! I’ve got a parallel series for The Bow of Hart Saga in the works. It’s three novellas and the rough draft for the first one is pretty much complete. I’ll start working to edit it for a release during the 2nd or 3rd quarter of the year around all the other projects.

Let’s see, I count five books in the works over the next year. It sounds ambitious but three of them are largely done. Another book is in progress so that leaves one that needs to be entirely written. Most of my work will be editing over the next year. I’m looking forward to addressing so many book projects. I’d like to clear them out so I can move onto some other projects that remain on the back-burner. Look for more details soon!

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  1. Congrats on your publication and new works. I have my short stories in five different anthologies but now I’m trying to get them into my own and finding they all need editing which is weird since they were all published in newspapers and magazines. I could have written a new book in the time it’s taking me. Good luck with yours.

    1. Thanks, same to you. I grew tired of submitting all these and never winning the acceptance lottery. Some are good and had personal notes from editors who liked them but couldn’t use them for various reasons. I’ve stopped wondering and I’m putting them to use.

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