Goodreads Usage for Authors Pt. 1: Make Your Profile Visual

If you have a Goodreads account as an author there is one important aspect that you should use effectively. Well, actually the most important thing to do on Goodreads is be a reader. But just behind it is make your profile speak well of you.

A profile is undoubtedly an important part of every type of social media. But since Goodreads is THE social media of readers, then an author’s profile is doubly important. But what can you do to create a profile that attracts a potential reader on Goodreads?

I recently took a Writer’s Digest webinar that featured Michael J. Sullivan discussing his usage of Goodreads strategically. Users on Goodreads can be rather sensitive to how authors interact in the format. As an author, you don’t want to just leap into groups and shout about your book. It takes a deft approach. But when you do gain some attention your profile should clearly communicate your brand as an author.

First of all, if you are an author then be an author. If you have a book published, join the author program and add your book(s) to your profile. It’s simple and gives your profile page some added visual content.

If you have a blog, link it to your Goodreads account. Post a sample of your writing for your book and make sure a reader views your content.

However, what everyone sees on your profile is what you post in the main section. Most of us just type in some sort of background information under the basic information. Some authors may even write a longer piece of background information. However, there’s a better way to populate this section with content: add links and visual content with html.

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If you’re not experienced with html that’s fine you only need to use a little to do this. There are plenty of resources on the internet to learn some basic html but Goodreads has instructions for what to use and how on their service. The main thing is to reference links so you can add graphics to your profile.

Why is it important to add graphics to your Goodreads profile? Depending on the placement it adds more visibility to your profile. By adding a graphic of your books visitors can see more about you and your work. Adding buttons for your social media links is just as important so people can easily follow you as an author.

Take a look at mine to see what I mean. I’ve got a graphic for available books and buttons for my social media links which enlarges what you see of my profile. It’s better than that small bit of text with the “more” link to see the rest. The visual impact is greater and gets visitors more involved and increases you visibility. What’s more, when you have a new release coming you can create a graphic to change what’s visible and keep the upcoming book in front of visitors.

That’s some basics for improving your Goodreads profile as an author. Take some time to work on it and you may see more engagement from the reader social media. It’s an important part of you author platform to develop.

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    1. Since I worked on this I find I have a lot more regular followers there. The bigger visibility of my profile really helps. You can also post a Goodreads giveaway button there too. Look up Michael J. Sullivan – his is even better than mine.

  1. I have been a member on Goodreads with nearly 2000 friends for ten years now and still wander around lost in a desert with tempting oases that I can’t find or figure out how to work. No one asks questions, no one comments on my blog and ranking high on group lists doesn’t seem to help. I meet people who follow me but lose them. It’s a maze. I seem to be doing everything you are, even holding events but nothing comes of it.This is frustrating on a site with millions of readers right there who should be buying my book. I’ll keep an eye on you and see what I’m not doing. This post is appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hey, I’m not saying I’ve figured out the maze for gathering a following. What I can say to that is that you need to develop relationships with about 20 avid readers who spread the word. This may also be the case for Goodreads but it can be tough. I’m not convinced any one social media is the best or only avenue but having a good profile on Goodreads that catches the eye when people to visit could be helpful.

    2. I still think solid product and reviews are a big help but if no one is helping you connect otherwise then there’s little reader discovery. I’m emphasizing Goodreads and Wattpad right now in addition to my other main social media streams.

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