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Author ProgramThere’s always an etiquette to each kind of social media so it’s always best to learn how to handle yourself in every setting. Goodreads is no different where authors should neither respond to reviews nor promote their books as much as we do over Twitter. However, it seems many authors don’t take advantage of what they can as an author when using Goodreads. Some may not even know that they can function as an author with readers.

For an author, Goodreads is a prime form of social media to engage readers – mainly as a reader. But there are ways to reach out to readers and grow an audience. As discussed last week, tweaking your author profile is important. However, some authors seem reluctant or even unaware of how to get themselves designated as an author.

It’s very important to gain the distinction of an author on Goodreads. You don’t want to be seen as trying to run under the radar as an author. You want people to come to trust you and see you as an author so they may be interested in your books. But just getting that distinction holds some other important value for an author. With it, you can post or claim your titles and begin to promote them where available on Goodreads (see group instructions whenever joining a group). Also, when the time comes, you can create events and hold giveaways. If you’re already an author on Goodreads then this won’t be an issue.

Black Bag Cover 7I personally did this rather quickly. But what do you need to apply to be in the Goodreads Author Program? First you need a regular account. Next you need a book to tout. This was one reason why I self-published The Black Bag very early in my efforts. There were too many pluses to learning the ropes and gaining some good ratings. Personally, I should have added to that one with a few more short works or anthologies of short stories much sooner – a flaw in my approach that I’ve rectified if you take a look at my profile now.

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Here are the basic details for being accepted into the Author Program. Check the menu on the right for more details on the program usage.

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  1. I’ve been a member of goodreads forever yet still cannot figure out how to manuever it so that my books get noticed. I have about 1200 connections which should be a gold mine but isn’t.I put my new release up and while they have the right cover on my blog there, they gave me a blank generic cover and I can’t find them to fix it.It has become somewhat easier since Amazon took it over but. . .

    1. You need to find a Goodreads librarian to fix that. I think there’s a link to that in the author program help. If I can find it I’ll share. Goodreads is helpful to connect with people but I find the best you can do is be active in a group doing their monthly reads and commenting until some people are willing to converse with you about your book via DM. It’s a slow process with Goodreads uses but the more you do to spruce up your author profile the better off you are as people look over your books. I always check my Ask the Author often to answer questions that get submitted.

      1. Thanks, I get no replies. Funny, I just wrote you and clicked on the goodreads site from your site to try to get the right cover–could not find the librarian–I think she ran off with a steamy romance writer. I saw my cover in a little square under my profile and clicked on it for some reason unknown to me and voila!! it jumped up and took the place the the drab gray generic cover that goodreads put there. So indirectly this is all do to you. Thanks!!

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