My NaNoWrMo Update – The Final Push

I’ve been updating my progress during this month’s NaNoWriMo challenge. I’ve had a busy last few weeks but not with writing – other personal distraction. The month started well but then other issues took.

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NanowrimoBut I wanted to update my total as of the end of the day and what my writing plans are. Once I saw my time has been swallowed, I decided that I would make my big push during my week off around Thanksgiving. So I’ve planned to do a lot of writing each day and see how far I get on the challenge before the end of the month. I’ll start sharing my progress with short updates this week.

One of the ways I plan to make the time more effective is to change my writing style a bit. I already write using deep POV with the dialogue designated by context. I’ll write now with less consideration to using all the deep POV techniques and more emphasis with just getting the main idea written. So I’ve moved forward with less emphasis on style and more on just pushing for words.

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