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Last Friday I appeared on Speculative Cantina and enjoyed the privilege of being interviewed by S. Evan Townsend. Just click the Speculative Cantina link to listen to the show. I think it was my best interview yet and it includes a reading from The Bow of Destiny which was a lot of fun to do.

archery at sunset

archery at sunset

The second book of The Bow of Hart Saga, An Arrow Against the Wind, is due out 4/18/2016. It’s currently undergoing a structural edit after which I’ll begin making necessary changes to get it knocked into shape for the second round of editing in February.

The book should be ready for some alpha reading sometime in January when I’ll begin posting scenes to be read for feedback. I’ll entertain suggestions as I work to complete the book and should post for beta reading in March.

Additionally, I’ll commission the cover artwork over the next month and post the cover-reveal as soon as I have it. Anyone interested in epic fantasy is welcome to read along with these stages of development and invite others to join in as well.

In the meantime, I’ve reduced the number of posts for the blog in order to focus more on producing books. I’ve really enjoyed all the blogging I’ve done over the last year but I have more urgency for my fiction at the moment. I’ll continue to post some thoughts and news as I go and announce when I expect to start posting work from An Arrow Against the Wind.

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