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Here’s the latest news on writing that I have.

First, I’ve just gotten the first look at the cover for An Arrow Against the Wind which means there will be a cover reveal soon but I’ll share more about that next week. I’m really excited to see something more visual for the book. Since I’ve been so delayed with editing the book I hope to release it later this summer but more on that in the coming weeks. If you are interested in upcoming news about my forthcoming releases try signing up for my newsletter – I’m also sharing some specials from a few other authors that may interest fantasy readers.

Next, one of the characters from The Bow of Destiny will be interviewed on C. S. Boyack’s interview feature, Lisa Burton Radio, several weeks from now (date still pending). This will be an interesting interview format since the questions are quite interesting and the point of view for both the interviewer and interviewee are both fictional. As soon as I have a date I’ll post here on the site.

I’ll have another blog interview appearance on A. F. Stewart’s site, Are You Afraid of the Dark? on 4/4 discussing The Bow of Destiny as well as my other forthcoming projects.

While I’m on The Bow of Destiny, the book has been at the reduced price of $2.99 for a while now and will be through the end of April. If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, why not grab one now before the price goes back up to $4.99?

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Goodreads-Profile-Picture[1]The weekend of 4/8-10 will be a big one as I’ll be appear at two conventions at once. Well, not really. I’m taking part in the 2nd annual Brain to Books Cyber Convention held on Goodreads. I’ll be giving away a few books and such via Amazon. I’ll share my cyber-booth link closer to the date but there will be lots of activities – including some live events – at the convention that weekend so be sure to check back with more news about this event next week.

But wait, what about the other convention? Well, I’ve gotten an opportunity through some authors attending the L. A. Book Convention to have some of my promotional material at their real booth at the same time at the Cyber Convention. I have bookmarks being shipped now so if you are in the LA area try to attend. I’ll share more details on both the location of the booth and the author names within the week.

Wow, that’s a lot of events going on close together. I also hope to release my short story anthology during April or May (most likely the latter just to give myself time to get it ready) so I’ll start sharing news about during the convention.

I’m posting visual content on Pinterest often so if you are on that social media channel, please click through some of my boards there and feel free to share. If you’ve read The Bow of Destiny, let me know if you have some fan-art and I’ll create a public board for you to post what you have.

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I’ve got a few book beginnings that I’m writing that I plan to share as fiction posts in the coming weeks also – all feedback is welcome. These will likely be rather rough and they are not my main projects at this time – in fact, they aren’t even on my WIP page yet. But I want to share some of what I’m planning down the road after I’ve released An Arrow Against the Wind and The White Arrow.

TBOD SF ContestPlease share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. Sign up for my Archer’s Aim Digest mailing list to receive notification of these posts and those for other upcoming fiction projects to appear on Archer’s Aim as well as news about the upcoming release of An Arrow Against the Wind, the second novel of The Bow of Hart Saga due out later this year.

Book 1 of The Bow of Hart Saga: The Bow of Destiny can be found at these online retailers: Barnes & Noble, KoboiBooksAmazon – Kindle & Smashwords. See the book trailer.

Prequel short stories to The Bow of Hart Saga:

Trading KnivesKobo, iBooks & Barnes & NobleSmashwords & Amazon

What Is Needed Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords & Amazon



  1. Wow, when do you sleep? Isn’t great to know as you finish one project there are others waiting? A writing void would be torture.Good luck with present and upcoming works.

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