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I had to write about a new tool I’m using and I really like it so far. I’ve only been using it for less than a month and I’m already impressed so much I had to share it. I’ve always heard other people talk about how much faster browsers like Chrome and Firefox were but I’ve never been impressed when trying them though there are some features that do work better than the standard Microsoft offering (currently Edge).

However, I’m stuck with a wireless data plan for all my internet usage which really limits what I can do since unlimited is so costly. We’ve been experiencing overages frequently over the last year so I’ve been doing some research how to limit usage. There are a number of tweaks I’ve made to Windows 10 that have helped but not entirely.


In doing some further research, I found that the browser Opera can be operated in Turbo mode to reduce usage. How does it work? Well this mode in Opera is meant to increase speed by routing your browsing traffic through its proxy servers where data is compressed, meaning the data packets over your connection are smaller. The result is faster browsing but the side-effect is less data usage. Perfect for me – I’m trying it out over my next billing cycle to see how much it affects data usage.

But as stated, the speed of browsing is much faster and smoother than I’ve ever seen. Pages from a variety of sites load very quickly. Where I was waiting using a variety of services for the pages to load and slow me down I’ve been able to run through a number of tasks rather quickly.

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There are some drawbacks and caveats. I’ve found that a few odd pages don’t load. Also, secure pages (https) are not compressed. But these issues are minimal compared to my needs. I became a fan of Opera within minutes – and I’m a little hard to impress. I’m sharing my fandom now as my hearty recommendation simply to inform anyone else interested in a free product that might be beneficial. Just working with this post has been much faster and that’s very important to me.

OperaHow do you turn on Turbo mode if you download Opera? Simply, click Menu in the upper left to display the main menu and click on OperaTurbo. For anyone looking for better browser performance this might be just what you need. You can also use Opera’s import tool to transfer all your pertinent shortcut information from other browsers.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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