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Today I thought I’d depart from some of the recent reviews of The Bow of Destiny. Instead, I want to look forward to the next book and share the rough draft of the blurb. It’s still a work in progress like An Arrow Against the Wind. But the blurb will get put through its paces just like the book and polished in the end (thanks to my editor for her help on the blurb for The Bow of Destiny). Without further conversation, here’s the current blurb:

Uncertain of his path. Grasping for answers to secrets. Buffeted like an arrow in the wind.

Book Cover Arrow Against The Wind Revised (2)

The hunt for the Bow of Hart continues: Athson and his companions have escaped the clutches of Magdronu and Corgren but they are still pursued. In need of answers to secrets revealed while in Chokkra, Athson must gain possession of the mythic bow to grapple with both his enemies and his tragic past. But Magdronu’s reach stretches even among Athson’s companions, endangering Limbreth and even Hastra in schemes to entrap them all. With each turn of the search for the Bow of Hart deep secrets long hidden surface that threaten to destroy Athson. Will he falter as An Arrow Against the Wind?

archery at sunset

I will likely make some changes to this version based on some ideas that I want to convey but I think this is a good start at the moment. Feedback is certainly welcome since this blurb version is not cut in stone.

Next week, I hope to make an announcement to readers about how they can take part in the work of An Arrow Against the Wind. I’m excited about the coming weeks of brisk work on the book to meet my editorial deadline. It’s going to go fast and so must I. In the coming weeks, I’ll firm up the release schedule and announce the pre-release sales links!

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Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by to check out the blurb for the upcoming book.

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IMG_4154-EditAbout the Author

P. H. Solomon lives in the greater Birmingham, AL area where he strongly dislikes yard work and sanding the deck rail. However, he performs these duties to maintain a nice home for his loved ones as well as the family’s German Shepherds. In his spare time, P. H. rides herd as a Computer Whisperer on large computers called servers (harmonica not required). Additionally, he enjoys reading, running, most sports and fantasy football. Having a degree in Anthropology, he also has a wide array of more “serious” interests in addition to working regularly to hone his writing. The Bow of Destiny is his first novel-length title with more soon to come.

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  1. Excellent first draft and I can’t wait to read the book!

    Maybe just some tightening on the blurb? I caught “even” twice in one of the sentences. I’d kill one of them. And perhaps use either “deep” or “long hidden” to refer to the secrets but not both. I think you’d get better flow if it were a wee bit tighter. You could even change “secrets” to “mysteries” either in the first (early) mention near the beginning or the latter mention at the end, to avoid the echo/repetition.

    In the end, I know you’ll rock it! 🙂

    1. Nice points, Mae. I’ll certainly take a look at all these as word usage in a blurb is important to convey all the ideas effectively. Thanks for the feedback – just what I’m looking for…

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