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    This interesting infographic reinforces several things writing teachers know about writing. Writing is a powerful “mode of learning,” to borrow from 1970s writing researcher Janet Emig, because it does so many of the things shown here. One thing it does really well is to SLOW YOU DOWN so information has time to work its way into your synapses and new ideas to bubble up.

    And as this infographic shows, writing involves your body and your senses, not just isolated parts of your brain.

    And writing pushes you to be more precise in diction and sentence construction, since you can’t just toss a few disjointed words out but must connect them logically to each other.

    So when you want to learn or remember something, write about it!

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  2. Thanks for this great infographic. I’ve posted it to my writer’s facebook page. Coming from a health condition that decimated my cognitive abilities about six years ago I am so grateful for continual support and encouragement, especially as a member of two local writers’ groups, as I retrain my brain to work again. I’m so excited with the amount of my writing that has been published this year, including a monthly magazine column which looks at different aspects of living with chronic pain.

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