Month: December 2016

Revision and the Art of Structure

I’ve been revising for several months now so this is apropos…


Reasonably enough, you’re a writer who wants to do “your own thing.” You want to write the story you want to write, and you want it to be as long as it needs to be. You want to ride the tumultuous wave of creativity straight out of the well-spring and all the way to the sea, without ever thinking about story structure even once. But story structure isn’t meant to be a limit on your creativity and lead to formulaic, cookie-cutter fiction.

Success is not certain, but structure isYou know who you are: the so-called “pantser.” You make up your first draft as you go along. And for a first draft, there’s no reason not to do it that way. Throw aside the constraints of what is and what has been, and strike out into the undiscovered country on your noble quest for whatever might be new under the sun.

But if your goal is publication…

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HOW TO – Conduct a Year-End Review for Your Writing…

It’s time to take note of the year and take action for next year!

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Extract from an article by author Kristen Pope on The Write Life Site:


As the year comes to a close, it’s time to grab some eggnog, reflect on the year past (and the year to come) and complete a crucial piece of self-assessment.

It’s time for your annual review.

When you work for a company, you typically have an annual review that reflects on your year’s work, accomplishments, areas for improvement, career trajectory and goals for the next year. These reviews are often tied into compensation and raises.

A freelance writer’s annual review is no different.

Except this time, it’s not a boss peering across a boardroom table at you. It’s just you sitting somewhere comfortable and thinking about your writing and all the exciting things to come.

There’s nothing intimidating about conducting your own annual review. It’s a gateway to growing as a writer and setting your own trajectory…

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