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Thanks for visiting today! Join me in welcoming Harmony Kent, one of my fellow contributing authors from Story Empire. Also, welcome to a lot of new visitors today from various other blogs and groups including those from Story Empire and Harmony’s followers. Take it away Harmony!

Hello, everyone, Harmony Kent here. Welcome to my tour stop on the Story Empire Roadshow. First of all, I would like to give PH a huge thank you for hosting me today. Yesterday, I opened my part of the tour with why I write, and today, am talking about what I write. Because I have so many books published, I have broken this topic into two posts. So, come and find me on tour tomorrow for the next installment. And, remember, throughout this week, I shall be offering Kindle deals on some of my books, so keep checking in for details of which books and when the discounts are happening. The most prolific commenter at the end of the tour will get to choose ONE copy of any TWO of my ebooks!

What I write (part one)

A firmly established mulit-genre author, you’ll not pin me down to any one thing. I’ve written various fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Read on for more details on my books. My book trailer videos can all be found on my Amazon author page and my website.

My first book, The Battle for Brisingamen, is traditional fantasy fiction.

There is a World not too Far Away …

Beneath the north sea a land of magic lies undetected. The lives of many are drawn inexorably closer together in a race against time, as both energy companies and evil beings attempt to destroy the magic which is protecting not just this land but all worlds. The unwitting protagonists have no idea of how suddenly and irrevocably their lives are about to change.

It is a race against time to try and recover the lost necklace, Brisingamen, which holds the ancient power of the Goddess Freya, and to prevent the undersea drilling from taking place. Are Aart, Matthias, Gemma and Dirck up to the challenges they now must face?

Here there be Dragons, and all manner of Creatures …

My second book, The Glade, is somewhat scarier and falls with the Mystery/Thriller genre.

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“Readers who like to curl up during the long winter evenings and feel the delicious chill of fear running up and down their spines need only turn to The Glade to have all their expectations fulfilled.

“The Glade is a horror story in the mould of Stephen King, and rendered the more so by its faint echoes of Pet Cemetery and the even stronger resonance of the pervasive malignancy of It.”—Review by Brian O’Hare

This gripping, edge-of-your-seat mystery/thriller will have you thinking twice about booking that idyllic cottage in the country. Nothing in this woodland paradise within the Forest of Dean is what it seems. 

The Wenstrops have it all: health, wealth, and happiness. Until everything falls apart. Helen gets arrested for murder, and yet is either unable or unwilling to give a defence. During her detention, vital evidence goes missing and tensions run high.

Meanwhile, in the woods, malignant forces gather power. 

My third book, Elemental Earth, takes us back to Fantasy Fiction, but this time, for the Young Adult readers. Of course, it suits those ‘older’ readers who remain young at heart!

“You turned the god of gnomes into a garden ornament?” 
Sarah looked closely, but couldn’t tell if her dad was annoyed or amused—perhaps he was both …
Whilst 15 year old Sarah may be struggling to regain her feet, after being ripped from her everyday mundane life and ending up in a whole new dimension, she still knows how to have a bit of fun along the way. The Earth Elemental isn’t the only one whose feathers she manages to ruffle, and it’s only been four days. Meanwhile, her best friend is missing, and big trouble is brewing. She soon has a lot more to worry about than what happened to her phone or iPod, or even how much of an idiot Caleb obviously thinks she is.
Elemental Earth is the first book in The Mysteries series, and is aimed at Young Adults. Even if you’ve already reached an age where the young ones might call you ‘old enough’, if you’re still young at heart then you’re bound to enjoy these books just as much as the next—err—younger adult.
Age aside, perhaps we should be more worried about what further havoc Sarah’s antics might be about to wreak on the universe as we know it? We’d probably all be sleeping a lot more soundly if she’d only stuck to applied maths and the odd pillow fight. But no, sadly the lure of the proverbial rabbit hole proved just a tad too much. And now she’s taken the plunge, there’s no turning back. 

My fourth book, Polish Your Prose, leaves the world of make believe behind, and instead, takes a look at the mechanics of writing.

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“This book is a mine of useful information. It’s concise and easy to understand. You don’t have to wade through pages upon pages of chatter; Harmony Kent gets straight to the point. ” — Michelle Abbott, Romance Author

“If the complexities of grammar and punctuation sometimes confound you – this gem of a book is for you. This is a guide I’ll be dipping into over and over.”–Wendy Scott, Fantasy Author

Polish Your Prose is a powerful new guide that gives essential editing tips for authors.

Lots of books have been written on the art of writing, and here—at last—is a guide that will teach you the essential techniques of editing your own book. This will help you turn a promising manuscript into a published novel. And, it does this without the jargon. You don’t need to know all the grammatical terms in order to make use of this book. You don’t need to know the definition of a split infinitive, a comma splice, or a ‘to be’ verb, as this manual explains these in detail in easy to understand terms, and a lively and engaging style.
Chapters on Passive Writing, Tense, Point of View, Dialogue, and other techniques take you through the same processes an editor would go through to polish and perfect your manuscript. 

Good writing is nothing without good editing. Learn the secrets of good editing and writing with this essential author reference, which offers so much more for so much less.

As promised, one of my books, Polish Your Prose, is on a Kindle Countdown Deal for today only. Grab it for just 0.99! Amazon US and Amazon UK. Offer ends at 11:00 pm local time.

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My latest book, Moments, is available on pre-order on Amazon. Pre-order HERE (US) and HERE (UK). This is a collection of short stories and poetry that touches upon death, grieving, war, fresh starts, hope, courage, change, choices, and encouragement. Take a moment to delve into tales from the dark side, have fun with fantasy, dabble in dystopia, and court danger in a little science fiction.

I’d love to hear what some of your favourite reads are. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Harmony sure makes the literary rounds! Be sure to check out Polish Your Prose and Moment as well as all of Harmony’s other books via her links. You can view the Story Empire Roadshow tour schedule for today and all week. Also, please make sure to leave comments below so you can be in the running for Harmony’s prize at the end of the week! Thanks for visiting today and have a fun week!


  1. I loved your first book, “The Battle for Brisingamen” and have been wanting to read “The Glade”. Now, I have added “Elemental Earth” to my list! Enjoying reading about all of your books! “Polish your Prose” sounds like one I need to add to my list, too!

    Thanks for hosting, P.H.

    1. Aww, thanks so much, DL! I’m thrilled that you like my varied books! Happy reading 🙂

  2. PH, thank you so much for hosting me today. It’s such a pleasure sharing your blog space! 🙂

  3. Harmony, I applaud multi–genre authors. My favorite genre is of course mystery and suspense, but I’m toying with the idea of writing a time-travel book some day, so I guess that’s delving a bit into science fiction. Also, my WIP is turning out to be a bit of romantic suspense, so I have a feeling that’s the direction my writing is going. No matter what, there will always be a bit of mystery.

    PH – thanks for hosting Haromny today.

    1. Ooh, a time travel?! Brilliant! Please, do 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Joan 🙂

  4. I tend to cross genres to a degree with my writing. As a reader, I devour multiple genres, and it only makes sense that writers should be able to do the same. I’ve read two of your books Harmony, including your spooky creepfest 🙂 The Glade. I look forward to discovering more from this list.
    Have a great tour day!

  5. Read and loved The Glade, Harmony. And I have more of your work on my TBR list. I, too, am a multi-genre author, and my reading tastes are even more varied than my writing. Wishing you success with your multi-genre career.

    P. H., thanks for hosting her today!

  6. Wow you have such a collection if published books! I’m in awe (and envious). You are truly inspiring.
    I think I’d like very much your fantasy fiction, but your non-fiction book on prose sounds interesting as well (especially for an Italian who aspires to publish in English).
    Great job with this post! 🙂

    1. Aww, thanks, Irene! Wait until you see tomorrow’s post!!!! He he he 😂. Really appreciate your support so far x

      1. Italian market still relies a lot on big publishing houses and the indie market is still small. It still prevail the idea that indie books are low quality and “true artists” don’t lower themselves learning things like marketing and social media strategies. But this leaves a lot of room fir growth. I’m sure there are others like me out here in Italy.

  7. I read almost everything in fiction- thrillers, paranormal, crime, speculative, history stories. Thus my own writing is a cross over. How interesting you mentioned poetry. Have you also published poems or they were just a beginning in writing?
    I ask as I started, in fact, with writing poetry and then switched to fiction.
    Wishing you best of luck and an endless source of inspiration, Harmony

    1. Hi, Carmen. I’ve also published a book of poetry (Slices of Soul) – and Moments has a few toward the end. I tend to veer more toward fiction, but sometimes, the poetic muse kidnaps me! Thanks so much for your kind words and support 😊

  8. Harmony, I have read three of your books so far and your talent to write in all genres is truly inspiring. Polish your Prose has helped me so much. It’s still my go-to guide. Thanks for sharing this with us today. 🙂
    Thanks for the warm welcome, P.H.!

    1. I’m thrilled PYP has proved so useful for you, Natalie! Thanks so much for your kind words and support 😊

  9. Okay, I’m officially hooked. “The Glade” and I have a late night curled up together under the featherdown quilt date, booked. Great post, Harmony! Thanks for hosting today, P.H!

    1. Aww, thanks, Julie! I agree with the sooo little time; my to read list has started growling at me from the corner, lols 😊

    2. Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a comment. Harmony does great work. I’m sure she’ll reply when she gets a chance but she was out of the office today.

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