The Bow of Hart Saga Open House!


Thanks for stopping by today for the beginning of the weekend long autograph session. Let me take just a moment to share what will be going on this weekend. I’ll keep updating this post with fun tidbits from a few short videos, to questions about the series, and possibly a some other fun activities.


One of the main activities this weekend will be the opportunity for you to receive and autograph. Since my work is all digital at this point, I’m running that through Authorgraph. You can use the interface just below to request a digital autograph for one of my books in The Bow of Hart Saga. I’ll get to them as soon as I’m able and you should receive instruction on what to do with the response depending on what device you use.

  Get your e-book signed by P. H. Solomon

Update: Friday, 11:34 AM:

Fresh out of my email, here’s the cover of The White Arrow! This is still a working copy but I wanted to share it today with everyone. I share the blurb sneak-peek yesterday so have a look at both and let me know what you think! I’ll be back with another update later so bookmark this post as I plan to possibly have a few flash giveaways throughout the weekend.

Update: Friday, 7/7/2017, 9:15 PM:

I’ve been in a out of the house today, especially this evening but I’ve been checking in on everything. Staying with the cover for book 3, here’s how the whole series looks together – quite nice!

Update – Saturday morning:

Along with the new cover artwork for The White Arrow, I commissioned a couple of video trailers. You may have seen them on the site already but I’m posting the new, short trailer for The Bow of Destiny in case you haven’t seen it. Remember, you can request an autograph using the Authorgraph graphic at the beginning of this post. Also, feel free to ask me any questions about the books. I have a few questions listed below that you can add to your comment. Thanks for stopping by today and check back later for new updates.

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 Update – Monday afternoon:

I’m a bit late with this one since yesterday was rather busy. It’s available elsewhere on the site, but I post it here – the trailer for An Arrow Against the Wind.

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Also, feel free to leave any comments about the series and I’ll answer. Feel free to interact with other visitors as well.

Now for my first question. If you’ve read The Bow of Hart Sage so far, who is your favorite character?

If you have not read the series yet, who is your favorite villain in the fantasy genre and why?

I’ll be around to answer and discuss. Thanks for coming by and check back or more interesting questions, videos and other activities as you can.

What’s Next!

I’ll be back later with an update of this post with more fun and information about character, upcoming release of The White Arrow and the rest of the series news.



  1. I don’t know if I’ll be around this weekend, but if I am I’ll try to pop in.
    I LOVE the cover of The White Arrow. And it’s also got my two favorite characters on it….Athson (my favorite) and Spark. I don’t know if he qualifies as a character but I love him!

  2. Very nice. I love he new book cover and I assume it’s my two favorite characters, Atheson and Spark. I’ll try to stop by again. I’d love the autograph but I already have the kindle of the Bow of Destiny and the prequel.

    1. Hi, Micki and thanks for stopping by. The autograph is digital so when you click to request an autograph from Authorgraph you indicate your particular reader and they send instructions about how to load it.

      Also, have you had a chance to read An Arrow Against the Wind which came out in April? I’d love to get your opinion of it.

      Thanks regarding this cover for book 3. The artist did an excellent job as usual and I’m looking forward to the release in September.

      Hope you are well!

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