Wicked Words

Today’s Story Empire post from Harmony Kent is quite informative of misused words. Have a look…

Story Empire

Hello SErs! Harmony here 🙂

A couple of books I’ve read lately have reminded me of how some common words are actually wicked words that like to trip us up at every chance. Because they are such common words, we think we know them and what they’re all about, but in fact, we’ve picked up the chameleon on the corner, who’s just pretending to be the word we want.

When we know that we’re not sure of a word, that’s easy because we can just go and look it up online. However, it’s the ones that feel like old friends that we have to keep an eye on the most. Sadly, we tend to use those old friends indiscriminately, and that’s when they stick out their legs and trip  us up.

A vast difference in meaning exists between the following words, even though they may seem the same …


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