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5 Counter-Intuitive Reasons to Read this Book this Summer

An Arrow Against the Wind was released in late April right into the vacation season over the last several months but it’s setting is more wintry. With vacations wrapping up this month, here are 5 reasons why you should consider reading it this summer:

  1. It’s a walk in the mountains so it’s much cooler than all those summer destinations in other books.
  2. Did I mention the temperature is cooler? Well, it really is – as in blizzard conditions. Read this book, as opposed to all those “steamy” books and it just might help keep you – or your beverage of choice – frosty in the heat and humidity!
  3. You’ll gasp. Seriously, much of the book takes place in high altitudes so you’ll have to gasp at what happens instead of all those “hot” (see #2) books that just make you sweat more.
  4. You won’t get sunburned from this book. I mean, look at the cover – cold weather. You might get wind-chapped if you’re really into the book but not sunburned and that’s a plus when you return from vacation.
  5. It has a layover in a cool location where there aren’t as many people in your mind as there are at the airport. And the food is better than the airport too! As an added bonus, it doesn’t have all those over priced rides and souvenir shops crowded with all those people smelling vaguely like sun-tan lotion and sweat.

So there you have it: reading An Arrow Against the Wind can help you cope with the summer heat while you get some epic fantasy adventure out of it.

Find out more about the entire series at The Bow of Hart Saga page.

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