I’m Away Writing – Be Back Soon! (Part 2)

I’m off writing again but I’ll be back soon. I have a number of projects to work on at the moment including preparing The White Arrow for release on either 10/3 or 10/10. Just a quick reminder: The White Arrow is currently available on pre-order everywhere at its release day price of $2.99. Reserve your copy now at this price because I can’t guarantee it staying that low after release day.

Another quick, exciting note that came up lastweek: I’ve been accepted as a member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) which is quite and honor! To celebrate the membership and Labor Day, I’ve marked An Arrow Against the Wind down to $2.99 (down from $3.99). Thanks to all my readers for support of The Bow of Hart Saga books: The Bow of Destiny and An Arrow Against the Wind. Without all of the audience of readers, I certainly would not have made it as far as I have as an author.

Otherwise, I’m working on a number of projects as I mentioned. I hope to share some of the details about all these projects over the coming weeks and months as I have news. Check back for news and keep searching for the bow – invite a few friends along too!


  1. Congrats on being accepted into SFWA. Thanks fantastic news.
    I’ll probably be a lot less visible the next few weeks too. It’s crunch time on my latest book.
    Fingers crossed we’re both prolific!

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