Scrivener Tips Pt. 8: Keyboard Shortcuts

Scrivener is a powerful writing tool. I write about it weekly with tips and usage ideas. To read more of my posts click the Scrivener tag or category at the end of the page.

There are many fantastic tools in Scrivener of which a writer can make easy use. But I often find that hate to pause too much while writing to click and change something. Or if I’m making changes there are just too many time-consuming clicks to reach a command on a menu. For this reason, I tend to use keyboard shortcuts in varying tandems with mouse clicks. Here are some favorite keyboard shortcuts for some of the Scrivener commands that I use:

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The following are normally reached by clicking Format and going to the Font fly-out menu:

Scriv Shortcuts Format

1. Strikethrough – Ctrl/Shift/-

2. Underline – Ctrl/U

3. Italic – Ctrl/I

4. Bold – Ctrl/B

5. Bigger/smaller font – Ctrl/> or < (these do require using the Shift key to use the upper case otherwise you’ll get something else opening such as Project Stats).

The following are commands that also appear on the Format menu that I use. The additional ones listed you may use for non-fiction but I largely don’t for fiction:

1. Ruler – Ctrl/Shift/R

2. Add comment – Shift/F4

Scriv Shortcuts ViewYou can change views quickly by clicking on the View menu or using the shortcuts listed there

1. Document – Ctrl/1

2. Corkboard – Ctrl/2

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3. Outline – Ctrl/3

4. Full screen – F11

I know many people use their mouse often but for those who like to use these types of shortcuts they can be very helpful. I make use of them often to keep my typing flow going and also because I’m on a laptop regularly without a mouse attached and stopping too much to use the mouse-pad can be a hassle unless necessary. It takes some memory but with practice I’ve gotten faster at using them without thinking too much.

These may be a bit of minute details however I find them easier to use than clicking so much. As an example, if I’m striking through a goal on a list I would highlight it and use the keyboard shortcut rather than waving the cursor around and clicking through menus. I hope these are useful to you, especially those who are new to Scrivener and may be looking for these shortcuts similar to those in Word.

bow of destinyWhat keyboard shortcuts do you like using? What shortcut from Word or another editor have you been unable to find/use with Scrivener?

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    1. Thanks for sharing your favorites and visiting today. There are so many of these it’s important people find out about them in case they’ve used similar commands elsewhere but can’t find them at first.

  1. I use keyboard shortcuts for Custom Layouts with my Mac. So for example Command 2 gives me a perfect vertical split screen in the editor, Command 3 gives me a split screen that is 2/3 on one side and 1/3 on the other, Command 4 gives me a perfect split screen with the cork board on the right.

    You can assign custom shortcuts to anything on the menu through the Mac keyboard settings in System Preferences. I also use shortcuts for navigating the Binder and Inspectors (Option + Command B = show/hide binder, Option + Command I for show/hide inspector). I found a free widget called DashKards that will give you a handy chart showing all the major shortcuts for Scrivener. I recommend using them as often as possible, it really makes writing more efficient.

  2. Sorry for the DP but I can see no option for editing comments here. That first paragraph should say OPTION + Command 2, 3, etc because Command 1, 2, 3 changes the basic view modes.

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