Why You Should Begin Using Scrivener Today & How

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Scrivener LogoI’ve seen several comments from other writers indicating they got Scrivener but just didn’t have time to learn it. I understand the feeling. When I first started with Scrivener there was so much to learn and I needed to do other work that I didn’t have time to work with it. It wasn’t until I read several posts in which other authors described how they used Scrivener that I began to understand.

Why the confusion and reluctance in engaging with Scrivener? It is fundamentally different from just using a text editor. It is a robust development software for the whole project. We’re used to just sitting down and typing in Word all the things that we are developing, creating any number of files and trying to track all the details somehow. But once you develop a project in Scrivener or convert an existing project into it you begin to understand just what you can do and how it benefits you. The important point is to take the time to learn it somehow and there are great how-to videos as well as lots of reading material that help with Scrivener.

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But why start using it today? There’s no time like the present to make the transition. If you have a writing project that needs starting why not make that the point where you begin learning. Why else should you begin in the middle of a busy schedule? You will learn through usage and then understand the power the design of this software brings to writers. Here’s 5 good reasons to make the change from Michael Hyatt.

It’s as easy as this: click File => New Project to show the New Project Window. Here’s a screenshot with Fiction selected:

Scriv New Proj

Choose the category for your writing on the left and then what it will be on the right. Not picture here but below all this just type in the name of your project and then browse to the folder on your computer where you will store the project just like in Word.

What else should you learn? Begin by understanding the Editor and Binder as well as how to manage projects, project templates and document templates. Just knowing what you can do with these elements gets you much further along. Try to find authors who write what you do and find out how they use it. Once I found how other fantasy authors use it to develop and track details of a fantasy world it really helped me get started. Likewise, other bloggers who use Scrivener have developed templates for organizing your whole blogging year. It’s a bigger scope creative tool but it makes writing much simpler by allowing your to spend more time being creative.

Where’s your snag in beginning with Scrivener? What tips can you offer other people who are starting with Scrivener?

Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section.

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  1. Thanks for the kick in the behind I needed. I acquired Scrivener a few months ago, but I’ve not really done much with it – except confused myself instead of focusing on the writing. I’m just about to start a new project, so I’ve followed your initial steps – just need to get to grips with the ones that follow. Looks like I’ll be going through your back-catalogue of posts…

    1. The tutorial and manual are very helpful too. You can use those for reference. The videos are mainly for Mac but are also very helpful.

  2. I have Scrivener for Windoes. I have a basic understanding of how Scrivener works. I’ve puzzled out the question of how to import my WiP into Scrivener. What I cannot figure out is how to sync my Scrivener files to my Android device for drafting/editing on the fly.

    1. I don’t recall Scrivener having a phone app to work off a phone yet. Thanks for the comment. Oh, and you can use something like Dropbox to sync backups to the cloud by saving your projects in your Dropbox folder.

  3. Hi P.H. Solomon,
    Is Scrivener a good tool for bloggers? Most of my readers consist of bloggers although I do have some authors. Most authors maintain blogs. I’ve heard of Scrivener but don’t have familiarity with it.

    1. I use it for composing my posts. I can be used to compile the document to multi-markup but I just copy/past my post onto my blog. I can develop a year’s worth of posts in one project and plan as far ahead as I want.

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