Fun Friday Vol 5: The Bow of Hart Saga Thanksgiving Special

It’s Thanksgiving and I invited the cast of characters from The Bow of Hart Saga over for a little party and a bit of a round-table discussion with a few questions. Here’s how it went:

Me: Thanks for stopping by today for the party, everyone. Has everyone had enough to eat so far?

Tordug: This Thanksgiving is a good idea and this food is much better than all those travel rations you fed us during the series. Those got old (all the characters add their agreement, leaving me a bit uncomfortable).

Me: I’m glad you like the food and sorry about all those rations on the quest.

Corgren: I don’t know about them, but I ate well enough in my scenes. Magdronu set me and his other mages up pretty well with food from Rok (the Beleesh sisters and his brother, Paugren, add their agreement).

Magdronu (in his disguise, thankfully, since he wouldn’t fit in the house as a dragon otherwise): Well, I do aim to treat my servants well as long as they live up to expectations. I’m much better at looking after my own than you are, O Mighty Author!

This doesn’t seem to be going as well as I thought and the villains are already trying to make me look bad. I suddenly remember that they are villains and want to my valuables!

Me: Well, it’s all part of the story, I suppose. I thought it would be a good time to get some of your thoughts about what it was like behind the scenes of The Bow of Hart Saga. Since we’re talking about difficulties, what parts of the series were most challenging for you? Yes, Limbreth.

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Limbreth: Well, I found the travel in the mountains tough with all the cold. I mean, several of us almost froze to death. And then we slept rough much of the time. Otherwise, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

Athson: For me, it was all the confusion about my surroundings. Trying to figure out the nature of what I saw, especially Spark, kept me on my toes much of the time. I agree with Limbreth, the cold was challenging up in the Drelkhaz. I also think traveling in Chokkra was nerve-wracking with all the trolls hanging about. Thanks for not inviting trolls today, by the way.

Corgren: Hah! Except for the travel in The Bow of Destiny, I was mostly cozy, except for that chase after you up to the Funnel. And I don’t see why at least a few trolls couldn’t come with us today.

Spark barks and growls.

Corgren: Careful, dog or I’ll light you up!

Spark’s growl deepens.

Makwi: If trolls had been invited, I would have rolled a few of their heads across the floor. But it would have livened things up a bit. I don’t know what the rest of them think about the cold or Chokkra but I liked all that. Now fire spells, those kept me on my toes.

Hastra: Spells are really nothing but trouble sent by Magdronu. Eloch took care of those. The cold was challenging but the mystery around the Bow of Hart challenged me. I mean, I’m supposed to know more except Eloch didn’t tell me which was needed, I suppose. We all had a few things to learn on the trip.

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Magdronu snorts: Yeah, Eloch kept you in the dark. I’m much better company than him. Where is he anyway? He points at me. Or is it you?

Me: No, Eloch isn’t me.

Hastra: All this talk from you and Corgren about how well you treat people. You stabbed me, my sister and Howart in the heart, literally. You killed almost all of the Withlings and sacrificed countless numbers of dwarves after conquering their home. I don’t think you’re as welcoming as you make yourself out to be. Hastra crossed her arms.

Magdronu snickers: It was all “What Was Needed”, as you Withlings say.

Hastra scrambles to her feet: That’s a rather evil attitude. But I shouldn’t expect any different from you!

Corgren stands, his hand on his dagger: The Great One is right, it was what was needed. He is to rise to preeminence and his ways are different not merely evil!

Limbreth, Makwi, Tordug, Athson and Ralda stand up beside Hastra. This is not looking good and I start re-thinking the merits of this party.

Tordug: Watch it with that dagger, wizard. I might just remember who caused me much of my troubles these last years.

Athson slowly draws his blessed sword: He’s done me a lot of harm too!

Me: Hold it everyone, just simmer down a moment. This is supposed to be a fun party after the conclusion of The Bow of Hart Saga. Let’s all just have some turkey (maybe they will all get sleepy from it and I can avoid damage in the house).

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Crowd of Characters: They all descend into finger-pointing, waving weapons, threatening the use of spells and Magdronu puffs up some smoke.

I quickly call an end to the party and start glad-handing the characters as I escort them back to the book series. I really didn’t expect an argument and a near fight. I was hoping for something rather collegial like the special features at the end of a movie DVD. This felt like I had all the cantankerous family members over and it descended into an odd argument. Lesson learned. Speaking of which, I probably should strike a few trouble-makers off my list of attendees for my Alabama-Auburn game party or it might turn out the same – maybe worse! After all, some opposing fans in the rivalry actually do draw swords and other weapons when they watch the game together! I think I’ll have to really think through the list…

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